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I'm looking to get rhinoplasty to narrow and alter the tip. Do I need grafting or added cartilage? (Photo)

Would I need grafting and or added cartilage to do this?I also have a kind of hump on the bridge when looking at my side profile, that I would like to get rid of. Is this... READ MORE

Can my rhinoplasty look similar to this? Is it difficult to reduce the size of my nostrils? (Photo)

I want my nose slimmer and my tip contoured!! It is flat and wide and points down. Do I have a wide bridge?? And is reducing the size of nostrils very difficult?? READ MORE

I'm looking to get rhinoplasty and an upper and lower eye lift as seen in the attached photo. Can it be done? (Photo)

I used a plastic surgery app on my phone. I kinda botched the tip but overall, I still love it!!! Although I keep hearing how most doctors want a rhinoplasty to be as natural... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a upper and lower eyelid lift? Will a lower lid lift make my eyes appear smaller? (Photo)

I think my upper lids would benefit but not quite sure of my lower. I certainly do not want my eyes to appear any smaller then they are. I've read on here that this could... READ MORE

Would I benefit from eyebrow lift/botox on my one eye, on right side of photo? I had up/low eyelid lifts, 5 months ago (Photo)

I am extremely happy with my results after having the lower and upper lids done but my one eye on the right side of photo, looks like I'm angry and is much lower than the other... READ MORE