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I am worried... NEED YOUR HELP!

Hi everyone. i had my surgery and I'm in the waiting post-op process now. It's still swollen but the problems I've had before surgery are going away. I am kind of worried that my nose looks too 'perfect' and therefore fake, but that's really my only problem. I am very happy with my surgeon he is amazing. I used to have a crooked and overly narrow bridge, a slightly bulbous and droopy tip. I... READ MORE

Questions from frenchtoast

I'm day 12 post-op. Is this swelling, or is it because my nose is now much wider. (photo)

I'm day 12 post-op. Is this swelling, or is it because my nose is now much wider. Osteotomies were performed to widen, and cartilage graft (septum) was used on one side. My... READ MORE

Is my bridge too low/bad post-op? (photo)

Hi! I had a slight long hump and didn't quite want a curved bridge. I prefer straight bridges. Is this a bad nose? READ MORE

Do I have a scooped bridge post-op? (photo)

10 days post op here. Do I have an ugly , scooped nose? READ MORE

Is my nose too pointy post-op? (photos)

I posted a pre-op photo as well. I'm overall satisfied because it looks straighter. Cartilage grafts were made on the tip. However when I touch the tip of my nose I feel a... READ MORE

I had a revision. I can't really get used to my tip. I'm confused about my Rhinoplasty results? (photo)

Hi. I had a revision. I can't really get used to my tip... It looks very sharp and aggressive. Will it get a bit wider/natural with time? Also, can you guess what was done to... READ MORE

Can a nose tip get wider post-op if grafts were used?

Is it possible for nose tip to get wider months after surgery even if grafts were used for the tip? READ MORE

My nose looks droopy and pointy from the front. Why is this? (Photo)

But it looks upturned from the sides. I was wondering why this is. I am thinking it is because my tip isn't elevated enough. The angle between my very tip and the side of my... READ MORE

I have mixed feelings about my nasal tip post-op? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty done. Cartilage was put on the tip etc. so it was a lot of work. Somehow I felt more cute with my old tip. Is something wrong with my new tip? It looks like... READ MORE

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Too WIDE for Day 11? Cannes, FR

Hi! I had rhinoplasty done to correct my bridge and refine my tip. My bone was broken, repositioned and cartilage grafting was used. It is now the 11th day of my procedure and... READ MORE

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Wow I am speechless! what a lovely result :) My nose dropped too. What exactly was done to your nose tip? READ COMMENT

Thanks! i'm just worried about my nasal tip... i kind of look witchy now which isn't something i was going for READ COMMENT

You look pretty. its very natural. i know how horrible it is to have your face altered... but trust me, it looks good. i personally dont like small nose tips though unlike many other people... i liked your tip better before READ COMMENT

I immediately asked what time it was! I wanted to know how long surgery took. It took almost 6 hours... I was like oh wow well at least my nose looks good as the nurse pointed out. READ COMMENT