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I Want Me Back! - La Jolla, CA

I'm not sure where to start :( All I cant say is that I want a BREAST AUGMENTATION soon. I would love to find a good surgeon (board cerified). I been on here for a month or so and been reading a lot of stories good/bad. I used to be a 34C and weighted 145lbs (and i was so happy with my body) but I lost some weight (unfortunately) so now I'm just a small 34b. I am 5'3 and now weight 115lbs... READ MORE

Questions from lovingmefirst

Which breast implant brand is more trusted by surgeons for a breast augmentation ?

I went in for a consult for BA and the surgeon said that Mentor was the best brand because they are made in the USA, unlike Sientra, Natrelle and Allergan. Is this true? Is it... READ MORE

This will be my first-breast augmentation. What are the complication rates are?

I'm looking to have my first breast augmentation done soon, and I would like to know what is my reoperation rate, capsular contracture rate and breast revision surgery rate? READ MORE

What is the rate of breast augmentation failure?

I'm really worried about the percentage of breast augmentation failure for first time patients ? READ MORE

I want a BBL but I'm afraid I'm too skinny. How much weight do I need to gain? I'm 5'3" and weigh 115lbs (Photo)

I am 5'3 and weight 115 lbs.. how much more weight do I need to gain for a BBL. I would like butt implants but I've heard they have too many complications so I PREFER a BBL.... READ MORE

What's the right size implant for me? 1st surgeons said 400-425cc, but a 3rd surgeon said 350cc would be right for me (Photo)

According to my measurements: 21,21,21, 28 underneath, 34 on top, breast width R-11.5 - L 11.5 R-7cm and L-7cm nipple to bottom. First, surgeon said 450cc was a good size for... READ MORE

What's best option for a breast augmentation? General anesthesia or IV sedation?

Can a breast augmentation be done under IV sedation?. I went for a BA consult and the surgeon said theres no need to have a tube down your throat and breathe superficially. I'm... READ MORE

What is the difference between gummy bear implants and silicone implants?

Which one is better and which one works better for a first time breast aug? Is one harder than the other? READ MORE

What's the best way to prevent bottoming out or double bubble?

I want to get a BA bit I really want to avoid the risk of double bubble and bottoming out. READ MORE

I want a BA. Whats the right/best size for me? How big can I really go without damaging my breast tissue that much? (photo)

My measurements- Height- 5'3 1/2............... Weight 115lbs.............. Rib cage 29.............. 34 on top............... I would like some side boob. How many cc's do I... READ MORE

Do I really have to take antibiotics after breast augmentation?

I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE ANTIBIOTICS. In fact I HATE all types of medication TAKEN ORALLY. I only take Tylenol if I'm ever sick. I eat healthy, don't drink, don't smoke, and... READ MORE

What is the best way to avoid nausea or throwing up right after a breast augmentation procedure?

I really HATE throwing up and or nausea (I get this feeling of being super super hot almost as I were on fire & I start to sweat a lot and at the same time I feel like I'm... READ MORE

Will Coolsculpting interfere with a Brazilian Butt Lift in the future? (photo)

I want to get a BBL eventually.. but I would like to do the Cool-sculpting first just get a lil-tiny-tiny pouch in my lower stomach. Would that interfere with my BBL later on?... READ MORE

Been to 4 different consults and 4 doctors have given me 4 different measurements for my breast? Why? I don't understand!?

Every Plastic surgeon has given me different breast measurements.. from 11cm - 15.5cm & one other surgeon used the computer imaging and dint measure me (even though I asked to... READ MORE

Is there a chance that my surgeon could return my deposit after I cancelled my BA surgery?

I scheduled my BA ... But cancelled due to the fact that I felt 80% comfortable with my surgeon but not 100% comfortable. He I put down a deposit. Is there a chance that my... READ MORE

Can doctors lie or give false statement?

Can Doctors lie when you ask about their capsular contracture rate or their infection rate at their practice facility? Is there a way to verify this? READ MORE

Could I achieve this type of look with a "MODERATE" silicone type implant? I want to go as natural looking as possible (Photo)

I don't want an indent on top of my breast therefore I don't want to have the rack or shelf look. I rather achieve that when I myself decide wear a push up bra. Is this... READ MORE

What's the best way to get a blepharoplasty?

Is it better to do it with general anesthesia or just local anesthesia? READ MORE

Recent comments from lovingmefirst

How are your boobies coming up ? Are they still pointing down ? READ COMMENT

U look great ..! Keep us updated READ COMMENT

So what size and profile do you end up getting READ COMMENT

I think what you are describing is called shifting of the implants that really sucks it's probably best you get them removed and forget all about butt implants it sucks to hear how you feel but I hope with time everything gets better... READ COMMENT