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Would a revision fix this? (Photo)

Would a revision fix this I am so up happy with my TT with lipo on the flanks I caught a infection witch lasted 4 months the hole didn't close for 6months now my PS wants to do... READ MORE

Why is my stomach still big after tummy tuck?

I guess I am not asking the right questions because not one PS can give me the right answer I had my TT done back in July 6 months later my stomach still big my ps promised me... READ MORE

What happen here? (photos)

I had my TT done back in July 2014 a week after surgery a big pool of fluid burst out my side I went to the hospital to see what's going on come to find out i had build up of... READ MORE

Will lipo fix this? (Phoot)

I had a TT a year ago and my stomach looks the same as before the surgery just not as big my PS said I need a scar revision to fix I don't have the money for the hospital fees... READ MORE

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My stomach still never flatten out and it was about YA size post pre op and my ps said I need a revisio READ COMMENT

I hope this time it works I paid 7500 to have to go back and pay 1600 he said I need a scar revision my Stomach is still big had I knew this wasent gone turn out right I would of lost weight first now my stomach looks a mess and... READ COMMENT

Yea he did my TT in July it look a mess my stomach still big now I need a revision but all the other ps said I shouldn't had one I was to big bmi was 40 I lost 25lbs since my surgery now I have to pay 1600 to use the hospital room to do... READ COMMENT

Did doctor Robinson do your revision he is doing mine over my stomach looks a horrible mess READ COMMENT

I get mine done July 9th I am scared to death I'm thinking of changing my mine I weight 250 mostly stomach after 5 kids I smoke and I just stopped yesterday I read everyone stories and everyone seems fine I just feel like I ain't going... READ COMMENT