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Correction of Irregular, Lumpy Liposuction - Beverly Hills, CA

I'm sorry I don't remember the cost - it has been years. I had abdominal lipo to "sculpt abs" where the fat is removed between the stomach muscles. Post surgery, I developed a large (!) collection of fluid on my stomach that just would not resolve. The doctor that did the surgery put in a stint to drain it, but it would not resolve - for weeks. I gave up trying to get... READ MORE

Restylane for Tear Troughs - Beverly Hills, CA

I am 54, male. I have never had work done on my eyes, but I was getting dark shadows underneath. I even went to MAC to get concealer. With great apprehension I had Restylane. Surprisingly, it only took 1 syringe, which I think is 1.2cc? I had slight bruising but the next day I had red circles around my eyes where the restylane was place. I was told I would be swollen or possibly bruised... READ MORE

I've Been a Botox User for Years - Loved Dysport

I've been a Botox user for years. However, I hadn't had my crows feet lines done in 1 or 2 years. This time I tried Dysport.I had the injections at 1:30 pm. By 6:00 pm that evening I was "frozen." As I had not had anything done for a while I had some wrinkles. These were completely eliminated and smoot READ MORE

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I avoided Sculptra because of some of the reviews on this website, regarding lumps. I had Restylane for the same issue you have and after three weeks (some swelling) I am very happy. READ COMMENT

Hi Britt, The correction was done gradually over about 3 months. The injections were cortisone, I believe, and spaced far apart time-wise so that the outcome could be controlled. I was very pleased with the result. READ COMMENT

Hi Britt, The office put Emla cream (topical anesthetic) on my skin first. This injections were not painful to me, but I usually get Botox, etc. without any numbing. I thought the restylane was LESS painful in the tear troughs... READ COMMENT

Yes, Mamamia, I am. READ COMMENT

Well, when I tried the Dysport and botox on different areas at the same time, the dysport lasted much longer. After 3 months, botox wore off and about 3 weeks later I had my eyes and forehead redone. The dysport still had not worn... READ COMMENT