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Thigh Lift- Groin Incision - Jacksonville, FL

Thigh Lift- Groin IncisionMy thigh lift is the groin incision version, so that I can avoid the vertical scar running down to my knee. I have always had upper inner thighs that were not really awesome looking, however as I’ve gotten older, they’ve gotten worse. At my last surgery (more on that in a minute) we lipo’d a lot of my thighs so that they would be ready for this procedure. I’ll ... READ MORE

Arm Lift - Jacksonville, FL

I have both an arm lift and a thigh lift procedure scheduled for the same day with the same doctor, however there are not a ton of reviews for either of these, particularly in my age range, so for the sake of everyone like me who reads through all of these reviews before selecting a provider and deciding on a surgery, I have posted each one individually so the search filters correctly pick up... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - No Kids, Needed for Years of Yo-Yo Weight Loss - Jacksonville, FL

I went for a consult with Dr. Desai on 6/24/13 for a breast augmentation. I had already scheduled Vaser lipo on my flanks, thighs, and lower stomach with a different provider and I wanted to make the girls look a bit better around the same time. A bit of a bummer, it turns out I need a lift and an augmentation, but the overall experience in the office was great. The doc and his staff were... READ MORE

Questions from AvaFern

I'm 153 lbs. Am I close enough to my goal weight for the mommy-makeover surgery I have planned?

I have recently lost 85 pounds and I now weigh 153. My goal is to be between 129-135. My surgery is on 8/20/14 and I am having an abdominoplasty, BA/BL, and lipo on my hips,... READ MORE

What is the best way to minimize scarring from a brachioplasty? (Photo)

I am 30 yo, 145 lbs, & 5’3. As a result of repetitive weight loss/gain, I now have wings. I have addressed my other skin issues, however I'm conflicted regarding a b... READ MORE

Is increased swelling/pain in the back and buttock area 7 weeks post-op posterior body lift and auto augment of the butt normal?

Posterior body lift with auto augment of the buttocks 7 weeks ago. I have wound separation at the midline which has not yet healed- but no other complications. 2 days ago I... READ MORE

Which dental crown color is whitest, without looking fake? (photos)

When choosing crowns from the below set (I believe this is lava crowns), do you suggest M1-0 or M1-0.5. I will be having crowns placed across my top bridge (#4 through #13 if... READ MORE

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With the arm incision placed like this, no one can see it unless I lift my arms over my head or I bend my arms at the elbow and they are standing behind me. With the scar in the traditional position, anyone can see it no matter how you... READ COMMENT

Dr. Desai did all of my post-weight loss surgeries as well. You will love what he does for your arms as much as you love everything else. :) READ COMMENT

Sorry for the delay again- I don't login a lot and there are no notifications! As of right now I'm not crazy about my results. I think my legs may have just been too flabby to do well with the groin incision version of the lift. I... READ COMMENT

Hello! Sorry for the delay in response- RS doesn't send notifications I guess. I had no problem with sitting on a toilet seat the day of surgery and all the way through recovery. You just have to be really careful to clean your scar... READ COMMENT

I will do that! Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. Best wishes on your surgery! :) READ COMMENT