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Questions from willbill

Does Accutane accumulate in your system or will I be able to take the drug for long term?

I am taking 30 mg of accutane a week. My first question is about accumulation. I know in normal courses, the goal is to reach a certain cumulative dose and then stop the drug.... READ MORE

How long do I have to stay on an everyday course of Accutane in order for a maintenance dose to be effective?

I just started taking 10 mg accutane every day. My main goal is to eliminate my oily skin. How long would I have to stay on a daily dose in order for something like 20 mg twice... READ MORE

Can someone explain an accutane maintenance dose to me please?

I find a lot of conflicting information regarding maintenance doses of accutane on the internet. Currently I am on 10 mg/day and plan to run this for two months. I am on this... READ MORE

Does Accutane thin the skin?

As is usually the case, I've found a lot of conflicting information on the internet as to whether or not accutane thins the skin. I'd like to know from the experts. Does... READ MORE

Have I been on Accutane long enough to start a maintenance program of taking it only a couple days a week?

I've been taking 10 mg of accutane daily for two and a half months. My skin is quite dry now. Have I been on it long enough to start a maintenance program of taking it only a... READ MORE

How long after Accutane can I have electrolysis done?

I just finished a three month course of low dose accutane (10 mg a day). Can I have electrolysis done in 1 month? READ MORE

Minimal results after one laser hair removal session on face. Was there a problem with the treatment?

I recently had my first laser session on my face. I am a man with light skin and a mixture of dark, brown, and light brown facial hair. Majority of the hair is coarse. I was... READ MORE

Is there any medication that can decrease the sensitivity of my skin?

My skin is ultra sensitive. It hurts if I even just gently touch it. It also has a constant burning sensation, which I have been told by my derm is rosacea. READ MORE

Will dermarolling thicken the epidermis/dermis and make my skin less sensitive as a result?

I have very sensitive skin. I believe one of the reasons it is so sensitive is because it is thin and fragile, making it easy for irritants to penetrate. I also feel it gets... READ MORE

Will Derma Rolling eventually strengthen the skin barrier?

I know that immediately after treatment that the skins barrier will be compromised, but will the epidermal and dermal thickening from derma rolling eventually lead to a... READ MORE

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