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Not Sure Whether to Have Free Rhinoplasty Revision

I had rhinoplasty by a top surgeon in Thailand 1yr ago. I'm really unhappy with the result. Its extremely asymmetrical with uneven nostrils and off centred collumella. The... READ MORE

How to Decrease Indentation and High Nostril Crease After 1st Rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplast one year ago. It looks like I have a pinched tip. The supra alar crease is extremely deep and pronouned, running far up the nose. How can this be fixed? The... READ MORE

Off-Centered Columella and Uneven Nostrils

After my first rhinoplasty over a year ago I have an extremely asymmetrical nose. The nostrils are completely uneven and the columella is off centred. What can be done to make... READ MORE

Can You Make Me More Attractive? I Am Really Unhappy with How my Face Looks

I had cosmetic surgery in Thailand in 2009. It was a big mistake. I had rhinoplasty which left me with an uneven nose, deviated septum and breathing difficulties. I also had... READ MORE

Deciding on a Doctor from Overseas

I’m an Australian resident. I wish to have revision rhinoplasty and cheek augmentation. I prefer to have the operations in the USA because it’s cheaper (average... READ MORE

Can the Supra-alar Crease Be Completely Erased? (photo)

I had revision rhinoplasty to fix a very botched first nose job. Whilst the surgeon did improve the appearance, I'm still disappointment with the result. The main thing I... READ MORE

When Will Top Stitched Tear Shape Breast Implants Be Available?

I want to have breast implants ASAP. I definitely do not want round, I only want tear shaped. However I was advise against the tear shape implants as they have a chance of... READ MORE

Recommendations for Lip Lift and Cheek Implants? (photo)

I am looking for a complete cosmetic surgery make-over. Can anyone recommend a doctor who is superb in lip lifts and cheek implants? I had buccal fat removal when I was 21 and... READ MORE

Port has eroded through stomach wall. What to do? (photo)

I had lap band surgery in 2009. It was the best thing I've ever done. Sadly I developed a strange sore on my stomach 2 months ago. Then another one came up and they are both... READ MORE

Is there a 3D vectra imaging service where I can just pay to have scans done, then take it to the surgeon I'm booked with?

I have had 2.5 nose jobs. 1st was a botched nose job and 2nd was revision surgery. The surgeon then added cartilage from my ear to the alar supra crease 1 year later. My nose... READ MORE

How to improve horse face? Wanting jaw reduction, chin reduction, cheek implants, lip lift, Botox to mandible?

My face shape is probably what I dislike the most. Its like a horse- long, weak cheekbones, strong masculine jaw, large chin, over-sized mandible muscle, hollow cheeks. At the... READ MORE

How and where to find the right doctor that I don't have to sell my house to afford?

I want work to my nose, cheeks and lip. I've seen many doctors and am struggling to find someone suitable. I've seen several doctors who could not even see the problems with my... READ MORE

I am having great difficulty finding a surgeon. Any suggestions? (photos)

The doctor I really wanted surgery with said he doesn't want to do my surgery. I am hoping someone can give me a referral. I need revision rhinoplasty, lip lift, removal... READ MORE

Terrible result after cheek implants. What's the best way to resolve it?

I had cheek implants put in 2 weeks ago. The doctor gave no choice about which implant to use. I absolutely hate the result. I look like a chipmunk and I have huge depression... READ MORE

Can cheek implants be placed to ad fullness and roundness to the cheeks? (photos)

I have weak cheekbones, a strong mandible and gaunt cheeks. I would like a small implant to give more prominent cheekbones and an implant to fill in the holes in my cheeks. A... READ MORE