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Had a bad feeling

I started to do the Lifestyle Lift 4 years ago but got an eerie feeling before it was time to do it. First of all, they sit you in a room to talk you into it and then they left... READ MORE

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I started to do this but something inside me stopped me. Thank God for premonition. You have to listen to your gut sometimes. I'm glad even though I was high pressured to do so, I did not do it. READ COMMENT

How many people have to suffer before they CLOSE THESE PEOPLE DOWN FOR GOOD??????????????????????????? READ COMMENT

The more I read these reviews, the more I'm thankful for Chickening out on it. I am sorry for all of your grief but if more people would tell their stories, maybe we can put them out of business. READ COMMENT

Thanks for all the input. I have made a decision NOT TO DO IT. I can understand how we women can get caught up in all the "hyph" but is it really worth going thru all that unnecessay pain? My anwere is NO. Thanks again. Anita READ COMMENT

Has anyone had the surgery done in TAMPA, FLA? I am scheduled for next Saturday and freaking out. Please advise. *** READ COMMENT