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Voluma in Cheeks -- Uneven and Worm Like on Right Side 12 Hours Post. Glendale, CA

I decided to never do Botox again and really did my research as to what was aging my face: Gravity. I have a pretty youthful face already, most people think I'm ten years younger or more, so a few little wrinkles never made me look bad. However, I am insecure about aging as many women are. I decided on Voluma today, had the rather quick procedure and now... I'm scared. The left side? Looks... READ MORE

Juvederm in Nasolabial Lines. Overfill? Lines worse - Santa Monica, CA

I had juvederm in my naso lines about five months ago. It looked great. No downtime, barely any swelling, no bruising, I just looked fantastic. I noticed it started to fade just a bit and figured getting a touch up would be OK, but I wasn't sure. Maybe it could overfill? My doctor (a new one -- in Santa Monica -- I had a botox scare with my last one and wrote a lot about it!), who seems good,... READ MORE

Botox in Forehead. Too Much or Wrong for Me (Six Days Post) Glendale, CA

After having about 14 units of Botox in my frown lines a month prior (the 11 lines) and with the result looking very natural (I could still frown, move, etc. it just looked softer and less wrinkly -- perfect), I decided to do my upper forehead. Doctor used only about 8-10 units (not sure but not more than 10). By day three, it looked fine though I was a little worried about slightly swollen... READ MORE

Questions from Tesssa

48 hours ago I had 8-12 units of Botox in upper forehead. Is that a conservative amount for upper forehead?

48 hours ago I had 8-12 (not sure) units of Botox in upper forehead. Had about 15 units in 11 line & lower forehead a month prior. Looked great. Lots of movement still. Thought... READ MORE

Follow up: 48 hours ago I had 8-12 units of Botox in upper forehead. Is that a conservative amount for upper forehead?

I asked a question about eyelid hooding and eyebrow dropping a few days ago. It's been 5 full days post and the slightly bad results are worse:( I am worried by 2 weeks they... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: 10 units of Botox in frontalis, would a touch up help even if my forehead is over-treated?

Had 10 units Botox 8 days ago in my frontalis. In mid May I had 14 units of Botox in my glabella & lower brow . Looked great. The glabella treatment has made my eyes hooded &... READ MORE

I had 10 units in my forehead 12 days ago. My inner lid is swelling. It looks like I have an eye allergy. When will this end?

Had 10 units Botox 12 days ago in my frontalis. May 15, had 14 units in glabella. Looked great. But the frontalis shots have made my eyes hooded & brow drop. Though I can make... READ MORE

Juvederm Nasolabial lines -- swelling

Had Juvederm for the first time in my nasolabial line 5 months ago. Followed up yesterday w/ minor touch up, probably about 1/4 a syringe. The moment I left, I looked fine.... READ MORE

I had Botox in glabella, scowl lines, and lateral brow. Dent near lateral brow next morning. Is it pressure from icing? 18 units

Botox yesterday & notice dent in my temple next to outer brow this morning. Didn't touch it for two hours. Sat up for hours, working at computer. Iced forehead 2 hours post &... READ MORE

How much can you lie down following Botox injections?

Had Botox today in my 11 line and a little in my forehead. Ran errands for about two hours before going home and then worked at my computer from my bed, pillows propped up so I... READ MORE

Recent comments from Tesssa

I'm 42. I only had a half a syringe, with a little more added just because my doc was being nice, hence, the price tag. It looks fine now and really subtle. But I've had more than a few people say "Your skin looks great" or "You look so... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your comment freefallin. But... three months? That's a long time to wait to feel satisfied. I would think that doctors should start out slower and I can see why you want to do that in the future. One syringe divided and... READ COMMENT

Thanks for commenting, Chris! I have had fillers once before. Juvederm in my nl folds and, yes, I had some issues. A raised lumpiness on one side. (What is the one side of my face?!) But that went away in about a month and it was fine... READ COMMENT

I didn't dissolve! It got better. In just a few weeks. It looked just fine. I was tripping out and just waited it out for about a month. I had the lines filled again, touched up this year with no problem. I'm so glad it was OK and it's... READ COMMENT

Bertbrows: Yay! I'm so glad you're feeling better and since I'm a little late reading this, I bet you're even better now. I am totally fine and have been for a while. I think this stuff lasted about three months for me. And after two... READ COMMENT