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Reversing Extraction Method for Underbite to Prepare for Jaw Surgery. Long Island, NY

Hello! So I've been on a super long journey trying to correct my underbite. Back in 2014 I was 23 and for years had jaw pain( didn't have a clue why) until I went to an orthodontist and was told I needed jaw surgery for a class III bite. I was initially freaked out, the thought of jaw surgery was absolutely terrifying. I did my research trying to find another solution. I got a few different... READ MORE

Considering Chin Surgery As an Alternative to Correct Slight Underbite Profile. - Farmingville, NY

Hello, Okay so heres my situation. I've been to 3 different orthos, 2 said braces and jaw surgery would be the most ideal way to fix my class 3 bite. I am a 23 year old adult female so I've been told that surgery is really the only option for adults with an underbite. So I went to the 3rd ortho with hopes of him having an alternative to my problem. He told me that because my underbite is so... READ MORE

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Also forgot to add, I had one lower bottom front tooth removed to correct my underbite. Maybe that's why they can't open the space. Maybe it's different for bicuspids. READ COMMENT

Hello! So I did go to my appointment (3 consults actually) and every ortho is telling me that it is not possible to reverse my bite and open up the spaces. This sounded strange to me because I have read online of many orthodontists... READ COMMENT