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Reversing Extraction Method for Underbite to Prepare for Jaw Surgery. Long Island, NY

Hello! So I've been on a super long journey trying to correct my underbite. Back in 2014 I was 23 and for years had jaw pain( didn't have a clue why) until I went to an orthodontist and was told I needed jaw surgery for a class III bite. I was initially freaked out, the thought of jaw surgery was absolutely terrifying. I did my research trying to find another solution. I got a few different... READ MORE

Considering Chin Surgery As an Alternative to Correct Slight Underbite Profile. - Farmingville, NY

Hello, Okay so heres my situation. I've been to 3 different orthos, 2 said braces and jaw surgery would be the most ideal way to fix my class 3 bite. I am a 23 year old adult female so I've been told that surgery is really the only option for adults with an underbite. So I went to the 3rd ortho with hopes of him having an alternative to my problem. He told me that because my underbite is so... READ MORE