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I have 340's and they are really small and that is another thing I'm angry at. I specifically told him that I wanted to be a full D size and he insisted that going from 270 cc's to 340 cc's would make me a FULL D. Well I was full B... READ COMMENT

Your doctor screwed up just like my doctor did! I'm so angry right -- because I just saved up enough money finally to get them redone and did a much worse job this time than he did the last time. I didn't date and was single because... READ COMMENT

I had breast implants 14 years ago and it ruined my dating life. It made my self esteem much worse. I finally saved up enough money to get them redone about a month ago and guess what !! This time the Doctor did an even worse job and... READ COMMENT

I am in the same exact situation. I had breast implants done 14 years ago, and it ruined my self esteem. I stopped dating and would never get naked, which I guess could be a good thing... depending on how you look at it. I'm a... READ COMMENT