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Arm lift: Drains or no drains? Lipo or no lipo? I have consulted 2 doctors and am confused as their approach is very different

I have genetic hanging arms with a medium amount of fat I have been to 2 plastic surgeons No1 was happy to do an armlift in day surgery with no lipo and no drains No.2 wants me... READ MORE

What's the recommended sleeping position during recovery from extended armlift?

I have read on this forum that many women have developed stretched scars on their elbows and they think it has been from holding a book tablet or texting on the phone Post... READ MORE

Liposuction type Arm Lift

I have finally found a doctor who I am happy with, however his method of armlift surgery is very different to my last 2 doctors. he proposes to liposuction all the fat out and... READ MORE

I have had an Arm Lift with a Z-plasty

My op was 1 week ago and all is good But the z plasty worries me and is quite painful My ps wants to take these stitches out after 2 weeks Why? I think I will ask for them to... READ MORE

Bulge at elbow after Arm Lift.

I am 2 weeks post armlift and one arm has a bulge at the elbow . My doctor tells me this probably will need a revision with liposuction . I am feeling very distressed won't... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Armpit lift, the compression garment is causing me pain. Is this normal?

I have a big bulge at the elbow and my current garment is loose in this area So for the last couple of nights I have been wearing my normal compression garment which iis firm... READ MORE

I have had an Arm Lift 4 weeks ago, I'm using a scar silicon gel, Strataderm, once a day. Would it be better to use twice a day?

I have had an armlift 4 weeks ago and am using a scar silicon gel... Strataderm once a day. Would it be better to use this twice a day? Or would silicon sheets with compression... READ MORE

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2 weeks from today So am feeling a bit nervous READ COMMENT

I have just gone through your dilema. I have finally decided on a ps who does lipo first and then just dealing with skin does an armlift Apparently you can achieve a much better scar when you do lipo first.. This is what sold me If you... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your positive comments. My surgery is august 5 th. Will keep you updated READ COMMENT

Amazing you should be so pleased READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for posting your scars.. They look fabulous I am having op in 3 weeks Very scared! READ COMMENT