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24 Year Old, 5'7'', 155lbs Tuberous Breast Deformity. 400cc moderate plus, dual-plane. - Albany, NY

When I was young, I perceived myself as hideous. I was fat, I had dark hair and dark eyes when all I wanted to be was blonde, I had crooked teeth, I had a big round head (inuit descent), and to top that all off, I had non-existent breasts with puffy, pink nipples. Everything that other girls had, I seemed to lack. Whenever anyone described what they wanted in a woman, I was far from the ideal,... READ MORE

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Are both my breasts tubular? Would I be a candidate for augmentation? (photo)

I am 24 years of age and my breasts never really developed. I was told by a non-medical friend that they are likely hypoplastic and tubular, and I may not be eligible for... READ MORE

Is significant weight gain after breast augmentation normal?

I am about four days out of surgery. My implants are 400cc each. When I left my home before my surgery, I weight 155lbs, and when I returned home today I weighed myself and I... READ MORE

2 months post op, is this a start of Double-Bubble? Also - slightly lopsided. (photos)

I'm about 2 months post-op from correcting tuberous breast deformity. Recently, I've noticed some dimpling where I think my surgeon scored my breast skin. Is this the beginning... READ MORE

Chest workouts with dual plane breast augmentation?

I had a dual plane augmentation to correct tubular breasts in 2014. Since then, I have gotten into weight lifting and bikini training. I haven't tried training my chest out of... READ MORE

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Considering Blepharoplasty.

I suppose this is more "fishing for advice" then a review. I've thought about eyelid surgery for a long time. I'm Metis, but the racial divide seems to split right down my face... READ MORE

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Thank you so much lady! That means a lot to hear. Insecurity can be crippling. I can't wait to see your new girls, I be they'll be fantastic! READ COMMENT

Also: my period was late after as well, and lasted Little longer when she finally showed up. The anesthisia kind of confused your organs, and I think the ladies are one of them. READ COMMENT

Congrats, they look awesome. Shaky is normal! I was barely able to stand for the first three days and slept all the time. Your body is adjusting to a major shock. You'll be fine. READ COMMENT