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Four weeks post Mommy Makeover w full TT and infected incision..should it be getting better after 4 days of treatment? (photo)

I am 4 weeks post mommy makeover, full TT. My incision is infected and I have been taking antibiotics going on five days as well as putting mupirocin 2% ointment on it twice a... READ MORE

5 weeks post op mommy makeover. Why are my sides still very lumpy and uneven? Will this go away?! (photo)

I've been told this is normal, but in all the pictures and videos I've watched, no one else looks this way at 5 weeks. Most not even at 2-3. I starting to worry that this is my... READ MORE

Infection after two weeks of new antib. full body suit be making it worse? Suture rejection? Should I re-culture? (Photo)

I got TT incision cultured last Fri. Tues. I got a call, the lab didn't perform the test bc the sample was too old. Wed. I wore an ACE bandage instead of my full body binder.... READ MORE

Incision site still getting worse. What do I do?

I am awaiting a culture but 2nd opinion doesn't feel it's infected. Surgeon does but thinks it's healing. Getting frustrated as the pain gets worse daily. I've done proper... READ MORE

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Hey there! I am considering a mommy makeover w this dr. I am so nervous but would love more info on your experience if u wouldn't mind!:) how are u feeling about the finished product ect? Thanks! READ COMMENT