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Only $2500 ??? READ COMMENT

Just the basic hyaluronic acid...I would never use anything else. I used a bit to see what it would do. But I did inject to superficially (like they said NOT to do) should I have read the instructions. If you used the permanent type,... READ COMMENT

It will takes a while...could take up to 8 months. I tried some and it does have a tendency to form a hard ball...but it does go away READ COMMENT

Wow....that is an experience....maybe they put to much at the same place. I do it myself and am very careful. One time I put to much into a scar and create a bump next to it looked it went away. I have used... READ COMMENT

I understand your point. But my point is is a 'doctor' that injected into an artery...and most horror stories have been commited by doctors. I have been doing this on myself for 9 years. And one should do it slowly...not... READ COMMENT