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Juvederm for Cheek Volume and Nasal Labial Folds - I Should Have Done This 5 Years Ago!

In my early twenties I began to lose a lot of volume in my cheeks and I have been unhappy with the very deep lines in my nasal labial folds for at least five years. Now, at 30 I finally decided to do something about it and I went to have Juvederm done today. I was really nervous because of some of the horror stories I read on this site, but once it was over I couldn't believe how easy it was... READ MORE

Questions from Jenal

Looking for a Good Juvederm Provider in Orange County, California?

I tried Juvederm for the first time (nasolabia fold and a bit underneath the eyes) a couple of months ago and liked the results. I have heard of the "cross-hatch"... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Chin Implant Revision Orange County / Los Angeles

I had a bad chin implant 10 years ago that I would like to have corrected. Before my chin looked nice from the front, but my side profile was slightly recessive. The result was... READ MORE

How Difficult is Rhinoplasty Revision for Tip?

I had a Rhinoplasty where a slight bump on the bridge of my nose was shaved down and the extra cartilage that was removed was shaped and inserted into the tip of my nose to... READ MORE

Doctor Wants Me to Stay in Aftercare Facility for Chin Implant Removal

I'm having a chin implant removed and my Doctor is requiring me to stay in an aftercare facility for 1 night. I didn't have to do this for my original surgery and don't think... READ MORE

Could a Chin Implant Removal and Bone Rasping Have Caused Muscle Damage?

Last week I had a chin implant removed & replaced w 1cc of radiesse. Due to slight implant bone erosion, 1 side of my chin was rasped. Now when I smile, it looks like the... READ MORE

Chin Implant Gave Me Marionette Lines - Can This Be Fixed?

I had a chin implant done at 19 that was way too big for my face. Before the procedure my smile lines (when smiling) were a nice "C shape" but the surgery seemed to... READ MORE

Loose Skin After Chin Implant Removal- "Chin Ptosis Repair, or "Skin Ellipses"

I Had a large chin implant removed 2 yrs ago at 30, with a skin ellipses to avoid extra/loose skin. However, the skin is loose/ fleshy (orig surgery and removal both under... READ MORE

Closed Rhinoplasty Revision Recommendation, Unhappy With Nose Tip.

(32 Y Female), at 20 had a closed rhino, surgeon shaved down a bump, used left over cartilage to fill out two tiny depressions in the tip; and I hadn't even noticed them... READ MORE

Would Like Revision Rhino to Get My Old Nose Back, Is This Possible? (photo)

I had a closed rhino for a small dorsal bump but the Dr. also wanted to round out my tip, I wish I did not let him, it looks bulbous now! He said he did not use implants, but... READ MORE

What Could Cause Outer Eye to Collapse After Upper Bleph?

30 yr F. Went in for mild congenital ptosis of the LEFT eye only. My eyes were pretty and almond. Surgeon suggested ptosis repair for left eye, & bilateral upper bleph... READ MORE

Drooping Eyes and Lower Lid Retraction After Upper Blepharoplasty, How is This Possible?

Hello, 30 yr F. Had bilateral upper bleph 6 months ago. 3mm skin removed, no fat or muscle. Before surgery my eyes were big and almond. 2 weeks post op I immediately noticed... READ MORE

Can the Creases Be Revised (Raised) After Upper Bleph?

Hello, 30 y/F, full of regret after bilateral upper bleph (3mm skin removed) & left eye ptosis repair. Ptosis repair is fine. Upper bleph has left both creases too low,... READ MORE

Can the Attachments That Form the Upper Eyelid Crease Loosen from Surgery?

If “The upper eyelid crease is formed by attachments of the levator aponeurosis to the skin" Is it possible that these attachments could be disturbed (and cause the upper e... READ MORE

Can the Crease/Sulcus Area Be Revised for Sharpness, Height and Depth Upper Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

Hi Dr's, 2 years ago I had a left eye mullers muscle resection w/ bilateral upper bleph (4 mm skin only) to correct mild left eye congenital ptosis. Before, my eyes were... READ MORE

Recent comments from Jenal

Hi Susie- I would try it in the nasal lines first, and then go for other areas once you see how your body reacts to it since lips and underneath the eyes swell up more than nasal lines do...Also Juvederm was milder than Juvederm Ultra... READ COMMENT