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Hey, hows recovery going? READ COMMENT

Thanks for posting the pics... would you be able to post a before pic of you facing the camera? just wondering how wide it was before the op because it still looks quite wide- this is most probs the swelling though. READ COMMENT

Hi again, how is recovery going, has the swelling gone down? You stated that matti said he'd use a 'closed approach' did he do that? because from your pic it looks like he has cut the columella..? READ COMMENT

Hey thanks for the quick reply, wow hes done a good job :) thanks for posting x READ COMMENT

Any chance you could post a pic of your nostrils so we can see the scars? I saw a girl who has had a very bad nose job and her scars looked terrible, it was so obvious because you could see a line where they had been cut... thanks READ COMMENT