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Read This Before Having Botox Done!!!

I started getting botox a couple of years ago. I've went to a couple of different doctors. I always have my forehead, between my eyes and my crows feet done.The first doctor I used because he had performed a cosmetic surgery for me and I was in his office for a follow-up visit and asked him about getting botox. He told me that he would be glad to do my botox, but he let me know that he... READ MORE

Fractional Laser Resurfacing - Longview, TX

I had my first fractional laser treatment done two weeks ago. I went to a dermatologist who has a Palomar Star Lux Fractional laser instead of the Fraxel laser. The Dermatologist told me that the laser she uses is basically the same as the Fraxel restore laser, just made by a different company. She did say that with the lase she uses that you don't always ned READ MORE

Questions from LSanders

Will Permanent Eyeliner Affect Botox Injections?

I'm having Botox done this Thursday, May 7 and I have an appointment to have permanent eyeliner done on May 9, Saturday. I get botox on my forehead, between my eyes and my... READ MORE

Botox to Both Upper and Bottom Lip, Now Can't Smile

I had the area below my bottom lip and chin treated to get rid of fine lines. I wanted the area above my top lip treated also. She said she never treats both of those areas at... READ MORE

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From what I understand about Botox, if you already have lines/wrinkles, they will fade with time once you are no longer able to make the expression that caused the lines/wrinkles in the first place. If you can still lift your eyebrows... READ COMMENT

I've heard so much conflicting information regarding Fraxel Restore and fillers, such as Restylane. I know it's okay to have botox while having a series of Fraxel treatments done, but I heard that the fraxel laser will breakdown... READ COMMENT

Hi, I have a question....if someone had two treatments with Palomar's StarLux Laser-the that is similiar to Fraxel's Restore laser and then they went to a different doctor that had a Fraxel Restore Laser for the last two... READ COMMENT

Hi Dr. P, You said that with Fraxel Restore 8 passes are usually made. Do you count back and forth as one pass? That sounds like a lot. My doc said she did 4 passes the first time and 5 passes the second time. I'm not sure if she... READ COMMENT

Dr. Persky and Dr. Weiner, I have a couple of questions, but I also want to vent a bit of frustration. I just had my second restore treatment 2 days ago. On my first treatment my doctor said she put the laser on the highest setting... READ COMMENT