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Septorhinoplasty - Valve Collapse and Spreader Grafts Inserted

I underwent a septo rhinoplasty to correct breathing difficulties (in particular valve collapse caused by a previous septoplasty and straightening of the anterior part of my septum which was not corrected at the time of the first septoplasty). However, in spite of this I am still continuing to experience breathing difficultes in one nostril and my nose still "s READ MORE

Questions from crystalangel

Is Ear Cartilage Too Weak to Make Lateral Crural Extension Grafts?

After Septo-Rhinoplasty, I now require lateral crural extension grafts due to valve collapse.However, my doctor is unsure whether I have enough septal cartilage left to make... READ MORE

Nasal Surgery Under General Anesthesia for Patient with Braces?

Is it alright to have a septo-rhinoplasty under general anesthesia if I have braces on my upper teeth? Thank you. READ MORE

Septum Visibly Deviated Following Septorhinoplasty

SRP in 09.When the external splint was removed at 1week my septum was visibly deviated to the left.It remained that way even after swelling went down 1 July 11 I had revision... READ MORE

Septum Removal and Re-implantation the Better Way to Correct a Deviated Septum?

Is the complete removal of a deviated septum, restructure and re-implantation during surgery a better way of correcting a deviated septum? Is this likely to lead to a better... READ MORE

Medpor for Revision Rhinoplasty?

I need to have a second revision surgery for valve collapse and my surgeon wants to use medpor to fix my breathing as I don't have any ear or septum cartilage left. I am... READ MORE

Removal of Medpor Implant from Nose?

Is it possible to remove a Medpor implant that was inserted to correct valve collapse but has instead caused further breathing problems? If so, how long should I wait before... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty- Replace entire septum with rib cartilage?

Surgeon wants to remove entire septum and replace with rib cartilage due to persistent devisation (s shaped bend)causing breathing difficulty despite 3 prior septoplasties 1.Is... READ MORE

Empty Nose Syndrome on one side?-Revison septorhinoplasty Feb 15-rib cartilage grafts for valve collapse and turbinate resection

After surgery, my breathing felt improved. In June I got a cold and since then my right nostril has felt blocked. No improvement with sinus washes, steriod sprays and... READ MORE