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Prescription Meds Before TCA Peel?

Do I need to take prescription meds before an 8% percent TCA peel? READ MORE

How to Prepare for 8% TCA Peel Treatment?

What kind of preparations do I need for an 8% TCA peel and can I spot treat a few places around my mouth with it? Also, I want to do a whole face feel but I am outside everyday... READ MORE

What to Expect with TCA Peel on Just One Facial Area?

If I had TCA Peel on just my chin or cheek area, will it match the rest of my face? READ MORE

TCA Peel for Patient Who Had Cold Sores?

If I have had cold sores in the past, do I have to have medication prescribed before doing an 8% TCA peel? Thank you. READ MORE

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It's better. Still a gap when I close my mouth if I don't purse my lips together more than just the slight resting place. The other doc put in four units of botox over my top lip to help relax the muscle and get the top part of my lip... READ COMMENT

The swelling has gone down now and now my upper lip looks like I'm snarling on one side and when I close my lips there's a whole on the right side where you can see some of my tooth. He said that when he injected it with filler it went... READ COMMENT