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Breast Revision Needed - Honolulu, HI

After 14 years of ruined boobs finally got needed reconstruction. My first PS messed up my breast. Poor inner stitching when creating the implant pocket I right away caused my breast implant to tear through the muscle and into the armpit, the areola lift left me looking like Frankensteins wife with severely crooked stitching and uneven scars around areola , The pectoral muscle was not put in... READ MORE

Disaster BA , Ready to Try Again

My first BA was performed 12 yrs ago. I had two kids and breast fed both, searched for help to put my breast back to a womanly shape, technology was not as good as it is now so I wasn't able to have much access to reviews and other peoples comments. My consultation went well and the surgeon seemed experienced and caring. Wish I could view comments back then, Anyway I had a BA with a lift in... READ MORE

Questions from Blutee

Can breast revision be done when multiple problems exist?

I was told by a surgeon that my problems were too challenging , He said I have bottom out breast , one is capsular contraction , one needs a re-lift , and their has been a... READ MORE

How can pectoral muscle indents when I flex be fixed? What caused it? (photo)

When I flex the pectoral muscle indents into the breast creating a deformed look. I was told breast have bottomed out and one has capsular contraction also needing a lift. Can... READ MORE

What caused these bad Breast results? Should I choose a new surgeon? (photos)

Bottoming out , pocket on one side too big causing a dent in chest when I lay down and breast falls to the side , pectoral muscle when flexed digs into breast creating a... READ MORE

Can my revision be done with an exchange of new implants or do I have to take them out completely?

Can my revision be done with an exchange of new implants or do I have to take them out completely for a time to correct the pockets ? Bottom out , one pocket too large and... READ MORE

What should I look for when choosing a surgeon for breast revision with multiple issues needing repair?

What is the best way to be sure I'm picking the right doctor ? I don't see any doctors that specialize only in breast revision ,most doctors do multiple procedures . What do I... READ MORE

How do I choose the best between my 3 doctors for a breast revision Surgery ?

First , all are board certified and listed as top 5 doctors in my state. All have great reviews. Two have 25 yrs experience one has 12 yrs but fantastic pictures of his work,... READ MORE

Why do most breast surgeons discourage bigger breast?

I notice at consultations for breast surgery and comments from others who seek the same have partly said that the surgeon discourages large breast. Is this because of... READ MORE

Can Breast Capsular Contracture happen years later or is it most likely to happen within the first year of surgery?

I read that some CC in breast can be caused by a bacterial infection . Can this happen years after initial surgery ? How would one know if they had a breast infection ? READ MORE

Is their a danger in having a breast with capsular contracture for many years ?

Some of us never heard of these breast problems until we got on this sight . What are the harmful effects if having CC for many years without realizing it ? Does it get worse ? READ MORE

What's the difference between sub- facial, and Sub- glandular breast implant placement?

My implant was placed behind the muscle but maybee because I lift weights I have pectoral muscle deformity, Whenever I use the chest muscles it indents into the breast creating... READ MORE

What's the cause if pectoral muscle deformity in breast with implants ?

Whenever I flex or use pectoral muscles this creates a dent into the breast creating a deformed look . Is this problem one due to the procedure being performed incorrectly ? READ MORE

Which implant position is best for my revision?

My implants are currently behind the muscle . I have pectoral muscle deformity, This bothers me the most due to it being visible and deformed looking . bottoming out , need a... READ MORE

Will my breast revision have to be done in stages?

I have many breast issues in need of repair. What is the most practical approach to fix this ? Will I need two surgeries ? Have bottomed out, one breast is CC and needs a lift... READ MORE

Breasts have bottomed out; left side pocket is too large, right side needs a left. Will I need several surgeries?

I've been told that breast have bottomed out, left side pocket made too large and falls to the side when I lay down, right side has CC and needs a lift along with re- do a bad... READ MORE

If I got a mesh put in my breast can I work out after the allotted rest period ?

I'm considering getting a mesh put in when I so my breast revision . I know their is a period of time that no activity is allowed to prevent bleeding and other complications,... READ MORE

What types of breast support can be used to prevent bottoming out when doing revision surgery?

I need a breast revision, I want to know what are the options available to prevent bottom out breast ? What is matrix, what other materials are used and what's the difference ? READ MORE

What is it that Doctors do to the pectorial muscle when placing an plant behind the muscle ?

I keep reading that pectoral muscle needs to be released at time of breast implant surgery . What does this mean ? Are they cut and placed elsewhere or moved or other ? If this... READ MORE

Why is my breast revision going to cost from 14,000 - 17,000?

I know I live in one of the higher cost of living states ( Hawaii ) But I was shocked at the quotes for a revision !! This is double what an original BA cost here. Why so much... READ MORE

Is their enough evidence to prove that a breast Mesh or other devices to prevent bottom out really is successful?

Has their been enough evidence yet to prove that devices used to prevent bottom out breast really work ? And if so for how long ? Which device is best ? READ MORE

Why is it that the same size breast implant can look so different on someone who's even a similar size?

Hi , I was wondering why it is that the same size implant can look bigger on one person and smaller on another who both are similar in size ? Can one possible cause be that of... READ MORE

Which implant placement would best eliminate pectoral upscale deformity ?

Implant behind the fascia ? The dual plane split muscle ? Or above the muscle ? Thank you Doctors . READ MORE

Is sub facial the same as above the muscle ?

Hi, are their only two choices of implant positioning ? Thank you for answering. READ MORE

Can your breast skin start to atrophy and how can you tell if it is?

I hear that breast tissue can deteriorate , would this include the outer skin on breast also ? What is happening to the skin when it atrophies ? How can it be prevented ? Thank... READ MORE

How much does seri-scaffold cost?

Hi , would you advise the use of Seri-scaffold or another product similar for support in a breast revision that is repairing CC and changing implant to a larger size ? Would... READ MORE

How many different types of implant placements are there?

Hi , how many implant placements are available and What are they ? Is it basically in front of the muscle and/or behind the muscle ? What would sub- glandular fall under ? And... READ MORE

What are your thoughts on the success of sub facial or sub glandier implant placement ?

Please give me your opinion on the method of implant placement where the implant is placed by the facia, said to be tough , is their a benefit ? Which method would you prefer... READ MORE

What is your opinion on textured implants verses smooth implants ?

Is their any information about textured implants that you are aware of that can cause any possible problems ? Do you think that creating a pocket for the smooth implant is a... READ MORE

Is a lollipop incision better than a round areola incision alone ?

Hi, I have two opinions and am confused, I need a lift , a revision around a previous areola incision along with exchanging saline implants for silicone. One surgeon wants to... READ MORE

Do they make high profile saline implants in different diameters ?

I was told this type would achieve what I wanted. But the sample seemed to have a small diameter and I wasn't sure if it would provide fullness all around like I was looking... READ MORE

What is the differences in Seri-Silk VS Derma- Matrix?

How many years have ps been using Ser- Silk? Have you heard of any complications? What about Mateix? READ MORE

What determines the need for an extra support device in a breast revision going bigger? Breast tissue, previous complications?

Hi, What determines weather a person will need a support devise or not when wanting a bigger implant ? Is it mostly breast tissue or a combination of previous complications or... READ MORE

What implant would give me a fuller shape all around and a little more projection, not a lot in a sub muscular placement?

I currently have saline and want to switch to silicone, I don't know the diameter but it's 409cc, any suggestions on increasing size all around, with a little more projection ?... READ MORE

Is there an implant that can help with a more cone shaped breast after a full areola complete circular incision?

Hi , some time ago I had a BA with a lift and the incision was all around the areola only . This caused the areola to be flat looking when a natural breast should be pointed at... READ MORE

Have any Doctors used Seri- Silk? How long has your patient had it?

If you have used Seri-Silk, how long has your patient had it and what complications has their been ? If no patient of yours has it, please provide your opinion on the... READ MORE

How can support devices for Breast Revision be attached to already weak tissue?

I read that the devices for breast support such as Seri-Scaffold, ADM, and others are to help support weak tissue, how then can the device be attached to already weak tissue ?... READ MORE

Can bacteria infections in other parts of your body cause bacteria in Capsular contracture ?

Hello, first, if I'm correct, I heard that CC is actually a bacteria ? If so, could the CC have been caused by a bacterial infection elsewhere in the body ? Or the reverse ?... READ MORE

What type of bra is best after Breast Augmentation ?

Hi, What type of bra do you recommend to best support a new BA ? Is an underwire bra okay ? How about a level 4 hi- impact sports Bra which has elastic at the bottom ? Do you... READ MORE

What vitamins or foods should be avoided before surgery and what would be helpful ?

I heard to stay away from garlic before surgery , What else and how much time before surgery should you avoid it ? What supplements or foods are helpful before surgery ? Thank you READ MORE

What would it take to help you as a Plastic Surgeon, do your very best surgery?

I know PS see thousands of patients !! As a PS what would get you to pay special attention to your surgical procedure to ensure the very best possible outcome ? If I don't want... READ MORE

I have 400cc saline and want to change to silicone. How much CC do I need to go up 1 size ?

Hi, I have 400cc saline and want to switch to HP Silicone , considering that I need stuff from my pocket due to CC, that will probably mean I need to compensate for my desired... READ MORE

Is it normal to have massive bruising? (photos)

I had Revision surgery and needed much repair work done to correct things gone wrong the first time with a different PS. Is major bruising normal for this kind of repair work.... READ MORE

2 days post op, will my breast change? (photos)

Hi, I'm day 2 post op and have major bruising, also my breast are touching in the middle and look like a weird shape ! They look horrifying ! Is it possible that over time they... READ MORE

How much will boobs shrink after swelling ?

If you had to give an average estimate of shrinkage in size after Initial BA, how much would you say on average do breast shrink in size after initial BA ? Also, Has there been... READ MORE

Can a bad cough after BA cause any problems to my surgery areas?

Hi, I'm 10 days post op from BA and I caught a virus my general Doc said , But I'm worried that my intense coughing just after surgery might open up a blood vessel or some... READ MORE

What type of bra is best after BA ?

Hi, I know your asked this question a lot and theirs various opinions. In general though should I forever stay away from a push up bra and an underwire bra after BA ? What kind... READ MORE

Would there be any harm in wearing a thong bra made for symmastia shortly after BA if I don't have symmastia?

Would it help wearing a thing bra for symmastia to settle my breast not so close together ? Since I'm only 12 days post op could it possibly help them a little bit or can this... READ MORE

What surgical options are available to correct breasts from being too close?

Hi , if I don't have symmastia but it bothers me that my breast are too close together, what procedures are available to fix them ? Does the whole pocket have to be re-done or... READ MORE

Which procedure would give a better result in lifting a minor droopy breast?

Hi, I was given two options from my PS to fix a slightly droopy breast after BA . I wanted to get more opinions and pros and cons on the two. First is internally raising the... READ MORE

What procedure can help my breast be more pronounced in roundness? (Photo)

What procedure/ procedures would you recommend to fix the things that bother me ? 1. One breast is slightly droopy 2. I don't like the breast so close together 3. I want the... READ MORE

Can a circular areola (donut) lift also tighten the skin of the breast?

Hi Doctors , I already have implants but my PS suggested a donut lift to help minor droopiness and to create symmetrical nipples. Will this lift also tighten some excess skin... READ MORE

Would my entire breast pocket have to be redone to move my implants more to the outside (laterally)? (Photo)

I'm 20 dys Post But I feel my implants are too close , If they don't change after my waiting time I want them moved just a little laterally so I can see the middle of my chest... READ MORE

What determines why some would have a bigger breast result with the same size Implant as another?

Hi, My friends seemed previously flat chested before BA , but now They appear to have larger breast than me with a smaller implant . What in general terms would usually be the... READ MORE

Can my implants be forced to stay inward by a tight sports bra?

Hi , I had BA almost 1 month now and I have been wearing a very supportive sports bra but since my BA is new could I actually prevent my implants from more projection ? I feel... READ MORE

Does tenting between breast usually get better if you for a fact don't have symmastia? (photo)

Hi, is their a protocol for appropriate space between breast ? I feel my breast are too close. I am 1 month post op and my PS said I do not have symmastia. However the skin... READ MORE

Are my breast too close? If so what would you recommend? (photo)

Please provide your personal opinion, are these too close and if so, what can be done to fix them with a good result ? My skin is tenting in the middle, I am 1 month post op,... READ MORE

Can you tell me the full area involved in a tummy tuck?

Hi , how far up and how far down and how far to the sides will a tummy tuck cover ? Will the belly button move higher or lower after the procedure ? Where will the incision be... READ MORE

Can a thong bra permanently produce a small separation between breasts?

Hi, generally speaking and without symmastia, can wearing a thong bra help create a small space between my breast ? I'm 6 week post- op and have large closely touching... READ MORE

Can the lifted skin of the sternum (tenting) re-attaché with long term use of a thong bra ?

Hi, Another question, 6 weeks post-op, does skin tenting mean the skin is becoming un-attatched from the sternum ? If so, can it re- attatche with strict use of thong bra since... READ MORE

What factors contribute to upper pole definition in BA?

Hi, what factors contribute to upper pole definition in BA ? Is there a procedure that can help give more upper pole definition ? READ MORE

How long will a BA last with large implants and Seri used for extra support ?

Hi, On average, just basically estimating over-all; How long would an implant size of 700-800 when used with Seri for support, will it last ? Under muscle ? READ MORE

Could it be normal for one breast to be softer than the other at 2 months post- op ? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 2 months post -op and one side is somewhat firmer and has not dropped. This side received Seri for revisional support, could it be taking longer to drop and soften more... READ MORE

Can upper pole fullness be created by putting Strattice or Seri in the middle section ?

Hi , I was reading some comments about this but wasn't exactly sure if it was true or not ? Can a support material places in the middle section of breast create more upper pole... READ MORE

What procedure is best to fix facial lines between nose and mouth ?

I heard that a mini lift may not completely address this area. What would you recommend for lines from nose to side of mouth ? READ MORE

What procedure can move breast farther apart? (Photo)

Hi ! What would be an easy uncomplicated procedure to move my breast farther apart ? Seri was put in laterally and on the bottom, will I loose this by altering the breast... READ MORE

Why don't I have roundness on top? (Photo)

Hi , can you give your best opinion as to why I don't have roundness or definition on the upper pole ? What determines this being present or absent ? READ MORE

How would you proceed to make my breasts symmetrical? (Photo)

Just wanted some opinions. I'm post 3 months. Silicone 750cc. This is a revision due to CC on right which they removed entire capsule and placed new implant, this is now the... READ MORE

Do I have symmastia? (Photo)

Do I have symmastia ? Can I develop it ? I'm 3 months post, I been wearing a thong bra to help tenting and closeness. Tenting is less then prior but I don't think breast will... READ MORE

Is there a danger in having dilated blood vessels in breasts after BA? (Photo)

My veins in my breast can be seen and are big . Is this due to skin stretching ? Poor circulation ? Is there anything I should be worried about ? I been wearing a thong bra ,... READ MORE

Discussions started by Blutee

What type of bra is best that provides good support yet doesn't push breast together or up ?

Hi, I'm having a difficult time finding the right bra. I'm 6 weeks post - op and have tenting which I'm using a thong bra for but I also need a regular bra that won't disturb... READ MORE

Thank you Dr. Pousti

Just wanted to take time to thank you for all your helpful answers here on RS :) It's so nice of you and others to take time to answer questions and give your professional... READ MORE

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I like them as they are !! READ COMMENT

Disregard those comments , just over thinking ! Everything is fine ! READ COMMENT

Thank you for saying that ! Yes I asked if I had symmastia and a PS said Yes and I was soo worried , But then another said No and so I was confused. So I talked to my Doc and he said IMPOSSIBLE ! He knows that because he did my sir grey... READ COMMENT

Thank you ! I know all these comments and differing opinions from questions asked to a doctor were confusing me and making me feel bad and like something was wrong !! But after I contacted my PS he assured me all is fine ! Besides ,... READ COMMENT

I will ! Thank you ;) READ COMMENT