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34yoM - Medford, OR

My whole life (adolescents on anyway), my weight had been the source of a profound self consciousness. If you're here at Real Self researching, I probably don't need to tell you the disparities of being obese, nor the struggles of getting healthy. What an amazing feeling to finally make it here though. It's not been rocket science to get here, just a long slow journey. No bariatric surg, no... READ MORE

Questions from Doddmj

Is it safe to have , Chin Augmentation and Neck Lift/Lipsuction along with my Tummy Tuck? I have yet to have any consults.

If having an T.T/extended or belt lipectomy & also wanting chin aug, neck lipo/lift, is it ok to have at the same time? Does having multiple procedures at the same time reduce... READ MORE

Are there any benefits to opting out of naval revision during Abdominoplasty?

Are there any benefits to opting out of naval revision during abdominoplasty?Consequences? Any differences in pricing when eliminating it? READ MORE

During an Abdominoplasty, could a belly button be removed altogether?

Planning on a tummy tuck in November, haven't had any consults yet to ask in person. Have any of the Doc's, intentionally & at the pts request, eliminated a belly button? I... READ MORE

Looking to create some angle/chisel to this baby face with no neck? (photo)

34 yrs old. Down from 300lbs to 210. Ive always had the baby face, lack of jaw line, fat neck, undefined/double chin. Lookin to get the definition, of a more chiseled male face... READ MORE

34 year old male, 6' tall, 300 lbs to 220 now. Abdominoplasty w/ Liposuction vs Belt Lipectomy? (photo)

 Plan for procedure in Nov. & take off another 10-20 lbs by then, tho not preoccupied w/ the BR scale just the final results. I feel maintainable without being deprived w/... READ MORE

How are safe anesthesia durations (time under) determined?

I know there are multiple considerations & pt specific factors involved and assumed with my question. Obviously a 60yo w/ COPD & a BMI in the obese range is higher risk then a... READ MORE

Solutions for this "bullfrog neck," jowling, chipmunk cheeks, recessed chin? (Photo)

Im sched for surg , Nov 11th. Plan is for neck lipo, chin implant, fat graft to upper cheek. Disparity: male pattern baldness/shaved head, 100lbs wt lose (side note also having... READ MORE

Looking for further masculine definition. I'm feeling I still have a pretty "soft" face. (Photo)

Im looking for input on Tx's to sharpen/achieve a more masculine facial profile. I have already had a chin implant, neck lipo & some fat grafting to upper check, lat mandible &... READ MORE

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Just sharing

I've dreamed about getting to this point since I was a teenager. I did the typical rollercoaster thing & never sustained over the last (nearly) 2 decades, until now. Did a lot... READ MORE

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Yeah, I had something like that about the same time as far as the leg symptoms. Except, my upper thighs about 6-8 inches below incision would have periodic flashes of what I described as electrical shocks mixed w/ a hot fire poker... READ COMMENT

It's amazing the spectrum of directions given from the docs to all of us. My PS, said was ok to shower the day after surg, even w/ the JP drain & to plan on wearing abd binder for 6-8 wks w/ only intermittent periods w/o it. Others have... READ COMMENT

Kick ass, brother man! I've got a similar story to yours. Can't wait for summer, to rock it without a shirt. Idk about you, but I'm really eager to see what I can get to show through as far as ab definition goes. READ COMMENT

This is a great community, I'm quite thankful to have found my way here. READ COMMENT

Thank you, so much :-) & best wishes on your journey. This is a great place to vent, share, get advice & encouragement. Connecting w/ others going through the same life circumstances is an amazing arrow in the quiver. READ COMMENT