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Hi ladies. I have an appointment next Wednesday to get Ultherapy - should I reconsider?? This post and many others have me FREAKED OUT! I am 38 years old and wasndoing this to help with my full face and give definition to my lower face... READ COMMENT

Geez we get it- your procedure didn't work for you. No need to be so hostile toward the people it did work for! She said she came close for g-spot orgasm. And more intense for clitoral O's.... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your thorough review! I have a conduit for this on Monday and very excited. I am seeking this treatment for the same reasons as you did :) This give me hope! READ COMMENT

Results look great! May I ask what it cost in HI? Considering doing a vacay/surgery combined in one :) READ COMMENT

Honestly- I think you look great! Your chin/jawline is definitely more prominent. But your smile doesn't look crooked to me? Maybe your just not used to it? I'm actually debating on getting this done but scared....perhaps you were given... READ COMMENT