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28, Liposuction

I've been working out consistently for 7+ years, and I have been able to achieve my goals with the exception of stubborn love handles. Dr. Emer, having been my primary derm for fillers and botox for quite some time, suggested I may want to consider liposuction. At first, the suggestion of liposuction sounded quite radical. After all, what muscular guys get or need liposuction? After... READ MORE

28, Aging Fast, Dr. Emer to the Rescue! - San Francisco, CA

Dr. Emer has incredible talent when working with Botox/Filler for men (particularly young men). He has done a few procedures for me, and I always look young, natural and fresh. I'd recommend him to anyone. If you are looking to try Botox or Filler for the first time, his conservative approach is ideal. He starts with a small amount and will do touchups as required to give the exact look... READ MORE

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Drive is totally doable in one day, just a long day. Leave in the early morning hours (4 or 5 am) and you will avoid rush hour heading south. Then the procedure will be done in time for you to leave before rush hour heading out of LA. READ COMMENT

Hi! Actually, I don't have any visible scaring at all. There were two entry points above my groin, one in each back flank and one in my belly button. It took a few weeks for the mark to disappear, but now you wouldn't even be able to... READ COMMENT

Just posted the picture I took yesterday. Doc took before pics, I will post those in the next week or two as well. READ COMMENT

Alas, not all of us can age well. Especially gingers. READ COMMENT