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Bottom line... Doesnt matter if some scrounge around on Ebay to buy it up. Doesnt matter how amazing a few here and there thought it was. The majority have spoken. It sucked. If it was a product that was out of this world, it... READ COMMENT

Sorry about the typos...its late! READ COMMENT

After reading the reviews here, I absolutely have no interest in trying Heidi's product. It is the same thing as all the others...that stuff where if you use too much you get a white film on your face... So far, nothing has been... READ COMMENT

For your best face.... Clease with your favorite cleanser and two tablespoons of baking soda... Pat dry your face with a clean towel. Use a small amount of your favorite non-oily lotion. Apply a small amount of "Insta-tox" on... READ COMMENT