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I am a 29 year old mother of 2 beautiful kiddos. My flat chest never bothered me once I hit 20 and met my husband who isn't a "boob guy." So I was content with my flat chest. I've always been a 34aa, with exceptions of my two pregnancies, when I jumped to a nice C cup. Now I'm not only a 34aa, but a saggy 34aa!! I'm looking to be a full B, small C, hopefully with Allegran style 68, 280cc hp. I... READ MORE

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I am petite, 5'3" 104lbs, with a BWD of 11.5cm. What body type & Breast Width Diameter works with 280cc Allergan style 68 High P

 Would 280cc hp with a max diameter of 10.5 look good on my chest? (being a cm off) I am in no way trying to be my own doctor, just obsessing as to not have the ball on... READ MORE

Is it normal to not have a pre-op appointment for Breast Augmentation?

I called my PS office to confirm the time of my appt and asked when the pre op appointment should be, and the girl told me that he will be out of town and I wont see him until... READ MORE

Abnormal labs, probably caused by Interferon beta b1 injections for MS. Is this going to effect my surgery date?

I received my labs via Kaiser app this morning to realize that my monocytes is 15.8% (should be 12) & nucleated RBC is 0.2% (should be 0) in my WBC differential. I'm currently... READ MORE

Is quick heavy lifting okay post BA, was 34A, got (280cc left 310cc right)?

I see my doctor this Thursday but wanted to know if quick heavy transfers of a patient is okay. I'm a home health pediatric nurse and trying to aviod having to tell my patients... READ MORE

What will be my final cup size be? (photo)

I am 5'3" 104lbs, I was a 32A and got 280cc in left, 310cc right, saline HP under the muscle. My goal was large B small C, but not that I'm measuring a 32D to DD (picture is DD... READ MORE

I'm 105lbs, saline implants. Is visible rippling when bending down, 4 months post surgery, common? In smaller implants at that?

I am 105 pounds. I got 280cc saline implants, filled to 280 (the minimum), the other is filled to 315cc. The 280 implant is softer and feels more natural, but the rippling is... READ MORE

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You look amazing!! I'm going to keeo 350cc in mind for the next time I go under. Be it 10 years from now or for an event like yours. So there is a bright side to rupture or capsular contracture! Haha. READ COMMENT

OH that's awesome!! Haha that's what I was thinking, I wouldn't pay for a revision on size, buuut I wouldn't mind if an implants ruptured any day now. LOL. I PS on here told me to go 350cc when I was talking about my 300cc. I liked the... READ COMMENT

You look amazing!! READ COMMENT

Yea I can't say I am 100% happy with mine. I just hate how flimsy the 280cc one feels, while the 310cc one feels firmer, which I love. Im still trying to figure out why my ps would fill a 280cc implant with 280cc of saline. Especially... READ COMMENT