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Thanks for posting again! The combo gets lost after a while and I want to help people but I feel like I'm a broken record after a while so THANK YOU! You rock and I genuinely hope this helps you ladies! Melasma sucks! If I dont respond... READ COMMENT

You're very welcome! Hope it brings you relief too! READ COMMENT

Listerine can be found anywhere. Its just a mouthwash but has no glycerine in it. Nizoral is the name brand of an anti-dandruff shampoo found in any shampoo section (dandruff section tho) of a pharmacy type store, walmart and possibly... READ COMMENT

Mine dried and peeled at times too but it wasnt bad to the laser treatment level. Try adding coconut oil if it bothers u. Its also an anti-fungal/yeast and great for your skin. I tried it alone and it did nothing for the melasma but if... READ COMMENT

You're very welcome! I know what its like to fight this and how frustrating it is for nothing to work despite all our best efforts. IPL worsened mine (significantly to the point of dark mole color) so I'm glad u stopped doing those!... READ COMMENT