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Made my breasts look pretty

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Breast Implant Revision

9 Apr 2017, Created 5 months ago

Sanjay Grover, MD

5 out of 5 stars

Nipples were stretched out due to previous BA. He evened them out nicely. I had my revision done with Grover from awful saline overs to silicone cohesive gels, dual plane with a mini lift since my previous overs stretched out my skin. My breasts naturally stick out to the sides but he positioned my new implants very nicely on my chest so I had great cleavage. I don't have the prettiest... READ MORE

Questions from jennacatt

Is This Weird Shape to my Implants Normal?

Clearly the implants are too big for me so I'm wondering if the implant has a weird shape because it is too big to fit me properly or if it's because of something else.... READ MORE

Can I deflate silicone memory gel implants to a smaller size instead of implant removal?

They are too big and uncomfortable for my frame. I understand saline implants can be deflated to a smaller size, can a doctor deflate my silicone memory gel implants? I would... READ MORE

The night I got my silicone cohesive gel implants removed, I had such bad fever and chills I couldn't sleep. Is this normal?

I left a message for my doctor this afternoon but he hasn't called back and they are closed now! The day after I was so exhausted from fever I slept most of the day with... READ MORE

Explant 10 days ago - now fluid in right breast, ok to leave? (photos)

My doctor is choosing to leave it. I'm so worried it'll heal deformed or cause problems, they won't look too pretty as it is, so I need all the healing I can get. Would love... READ MORE

For Doctors who treat fluid after breast surgery with observation rather than aspiration.

Had explant of 450 cc's, silicone cohesive gel, dual plane, healthy capsules remain. Hated my implants. I am 16 days post explant. At one week post op, Doc said I had fluid in... READ MORE

Can a bursa from a seroma be drained? Is that what I had?

Breast explant, was tired of implants. No drains, no compression, capsule left. 2 weeks later breast swelled up. PS wasn't concerned although he diagnosed fluid. By my 6 week... READ MORE

Recent comments from jennacatt

I think we had our explants around the same time but my healing was slowed down by fluid in both breasts. One side the breast was soft and the other was hard. I don't really understand why it was so hard, my doctor said it's because I... READ COMMENT

I'm 7 weeks post explant and I'm still sore! Breasts are still tender and incisions hurt when I press on them. I can feel my muscle moving around or something when I extend my arms too much, lift or pull things and it's very unpleasant... READ COMMENT

My nipples are like that too. One of them was before I explanted probably due to scar tissue. Now that I've explanted my other nipple is doing the same. I'm almost 3 weeks post explant. Thanks for the massage tip! READ COMMENT

I feel a big lump right underneath both my nipples. I'm wondering if it's scar tissue, as my implants were placed through the nipples. READ COMMENT