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CONGRATS! I am 26 and just had my breast reduced May 9th. I am so grateful and loving my new C cups. I was a Double G before my surgery and my surgeon came to my rescue and now my body is looking better than ever. You go girl! You look... READ COMMENT

Yup on my right breast I'm having that too! It started from being a blister then it peeled off and exposed my flesh. So I can't even enjoy my new nicely shaped breast smh READ COMMENT

Yup same thing happened to me. So I have been going to my doctor for the past 4 weeks and using the cream everyday and changing my dressings on the nipple area. My nipples are still attached....it's the areolas around it that have my... READ COMMENT

I am using that same cream. Girl how long have you been going thru this now? READ COMMENT

Yes! Omg I was told to let it run its course! Have you showered any further and let any water hit it? I'm so scared that I just wrote around it and clean it that way. I'm so afraid to have to start the process again. READ COMMENT