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Artefill. Beverly Hills, CA

I had several procedures last June, including fat transfer with Dr Haworth. The fat transfer was a success and is permanent. I had a few spots I wanted a little fuller. After a discussion with my plastic surgeon, we decided on Artefill as it is a permanent filler. Dr Haworth did a skin test for Artefill a month before, to ensure I was not allergic. It has been about 3 weeks since the... READ MORE

Best Botox Doctor Charles Leroy MD San Dimas California

I began having Botox injections by Dr Leroy when I was 30...which was 14 years ago, for the wrinkle line I was getting in between my eyebrows. It gave me an angry look and aged me, but thankfully I found a solution for that, Botox. As I reached my 40's I began getting Botox on my forehead to get rid of the lines there and to also raise my brow and arch my eyebrows. I am now 44 years old and I... READ MORE

Upper lip lift, lower lip lift, corner lip lift, medialized lip lift and fat transfer - Beverly Hills, CA

I had an upper lip lift, corner lip lift and fat transfer by Dr Randal Haworth. I have been researching this procedure for over a year. I am very happy with the results. I was worried I would not look myself, but found my friends cannot tell I had anything done... but do say I look really good recently. That was my goal, to find a plastic surgeon who could help me with the ageing process,... READ MORE

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Take some selfies and place next to an old picture. I have a feeling you look better than before, but may not realize it. Your surgeon did take a lot off so your change will be dramatic, but I have a feeling will look good once it is... READ COMMENT

At 3 weeks post op I was still wearing a mask and avoiding people. In another 3 weeks things should calm down where people will think you look better, but still yourself. This procedure takes time, a lot of time. Some women have very... READ COMMENT

Wow you look great! READ COMMENT

I know even good doctors make mistakes sometimes. READ COMMENT