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I Could Have Been on the Show Botched!!! - Scottsdale, AZ

Lots and lots of bad lipo!! inner thighs, under buttocks, outer thighs (saddlebags) and back. Dr. Repta should be featured on the show Botched!! He is that good!!! This is my third review on him this evening and I am tired so if you would like to hear my story on my experience with Dr. Repta, search for bad silicone butt injections.. He did drastically improve my horrible, multiple... READ MORE

Help Fixing Bad Silicone "BBL" - Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Remus Repta Scottsdale Arizona I wrote my story on another page so if you are on this page to see who does good butts because you need silicone removed. look for my story on the bad silicone butt injection part of this site. He does great butts in normal cases, but he truly changed my life by his miraculous improvement of my unfortunate case of silicone that had migrated. ... READ MORE

Help for Bad Silicone Butt Injections DON'T DO IT!! (Even if It's Free) - Scottsdale, AZ

Hi, I lost about 90 lbs. about 6 years ago. The first place one looses weight is in the cheeks (both pairs!) boobs and lips. I am in the medical aesthetics industry and was presented with the opportunity to have truly medical grade silicone injected into my buttocks by someone I trusted very much at no charge. I was told I could not have a reaction, and it could not move after the 72 hour... READ MORE

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I've seen these treatments personally work and I'm glad you have found somebody near you to perform them. Are they doing your treatments in conjunction with meso therapy? If not there are things (vitamin C, etc.) that can be injected... READ COMMENT

I believe so, I'm not positive. Have you called anyone ? READ COMMENT

It's very interesting how you said he did too. My surgeon only did one and I know he got a lot of it out but I am still suffering with some symptoms. How long was it before he did the second surgery? READ COMMENT

Thank you, I am dong well and my butt is doing fine. I still have product present and I am considering another procedure. I know it's been a long time on this response. I will try to stay better connected. READ COMMENT