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How to Restore Facial Fat Non Invasively?

Is there anyway to restore facial fat non invasively--meaning, no injections--to the upper face (cheekbones, tear troughs, temples, etc.? READ MORE

Therapy for Building Facial Collagen?

Is there any therapy (light, microwave, ultrasound, radiowave, etc.) that can build up enough facial collagen slowly over time, to add volume and fullness to the face? READ MORE

Can Electrical Muscle Stimulators Increase Facial Volume?

Through rigorous WEIGHT-BEARING (resistance) facial exercise I've been able to pump up the volume of my age-related sunken cheeks. Like pumping up a bicep muscle, it takes... READ MORE

Is There a Device (Like Ulthera or Fraxel) That Can Add VOLUME to Face.

There are several devices that can stimulate collagen production in the face... Ulthera, Fraxel, Titan, Thermage, etc. Why can't the makers of these devices create a device... READ MORE

Thicken Thin Skin Under Eyes with Fractional Lasers?

The FDA has just approved the use of the fractional laser device PALOVIA to thicken the thin skin around the eyes by dramatically stimulated collagen production. Has anyone... READ MORE

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Yes Honey Beee. That's why BOTOX is so detrimental. It freezes the facial muscles... which is the WORST thing you can do if you wanna regain youthful facial VOLUME. Building muscle size is the best way to regain that volume. READ COMMENT

Another thing that firms up facial muscle is eating WILD ALASKAN SALMON. (Not farmed) Besides the Omega3, there is something called DMAE that firms up muscles. Stay away from sweets (except fruits and berries). The sugar binds with the... READ COMMENT

All those gagets out there to "electrically stimulate facial muscle" don't really work. It would be like attaching an electrical device your bicep muscle hoping to increase it's size. You need weight-bearing RESISTANCE training to... READ COMMENT

Yes Antonia... Facial exercise is great for firming up the upper lip area, which tends to sag as we get older. READ COMMENT

I totally agree with UseItorLoseIt. Facial exercises actually DEMINISH fine lines and wrinkles over time. The skin gets firmer and thicker. READ COMMENT