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Mommy of 4 Hoping to Get Back What Was Lost! Consultation on July 24th. - Cape Coral, FL

I'm nervous and excited. This has been long time coming but I still have so many questions. I've been lurking on here for a few weeks now and decided it's time I start my own profile. I'll be 47 in October. I'm hoping to have the surgery done for my birthday. A gift from me to me. It's taken a long time to decide that it's finally time. I'm down to 1 child at home and can finally afford it.... READ MORE

Questions from SWFL Mom

I'm 5'3, a slender 102 lbs. I've been skinny all of my life, this is the most I've weighed aside from being pregnant. (photo)

How many CC's? Profile for a natural look? Homemade Rice sizers ... Am supposed to place them under my breast or directly on top? Is the weight of sizers similar to implants?... READ MORE

Could I have a BA with just a local instead of general anesthesia?

I recently read a post where a woman was not happy with size and wanted to go larger. Her PS performed the revision with a local which saved her a ton of money. How plausible... READ MORE

Is 400cc too big without looking "busty"? 5'3, 102lbs, nursed 4 children 34 fullA/small B. I thought 300-350cc. (Photo)

Based on BWD14/14 Mentor suggests 385 classic and 475 mod+. For the upper fullness I'm looking for Mod+ but 475cc is way too large for my petite frame. My PS suggested I try... READ MORE

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Wow I can't believe how much you've changed in the past month! The girls have evened out perfectly! I'm so happy for you xoxo. Regarding how your bra fits ... in the pics it seems like the band may be a bit tight. I'm not sure if... READ COMMENT

As far as school ... do what YOU want once you figure that out for yourself. Your degree needs to be your choosing. This is coming from a mom with 3 kids in college now. My oldest daughter wanted to be an architect since she was 9. She... READ COMMENT

Looking great. We have similar stars and implants though mine are Mod+ I definitely know what you're talking about when you shiver! Strangest feeling. So long as no one notices them (vibrating) up and down I can live with it! Lol READ COMMENT

Wow I didn't know Asians were more likely to get CC!!! I'm freaking out a bit now ... it's my biggest fear!!! Looking great!!! READ COMMENT

I was lucky and able to shower after 24 hours; but to be honest i wasn't up to a shower until i think 3 days. I think it took nearly 2 days for the anesthesia effects to completely wear off and get used to the narcs. Buy baby wipes ....... READ COMMENT