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Cottage cheese rippling is probably the fat loss and/or muscle atrophy. The skin also tightens/shrinks with all that heat.. Like the way a dryer shrinks clothes. But then after it wears off the skin basically overly stretches back out... READ COMMENT

Hi, Yea, all seems well. I've been using it now for a few months. I think I was freaking out a little because of everything I've been through.. It's working pretty well. Definitely firming things up and it hasn't affected the pigment... READ COMMENT

A few years ago I had fraxel laser which brought out severe hyperpigmentation. It's been tolerable however because it basically covered my entire face. Made me look like I had a year round tan. Unfortunately though the fraxel also... READ COMMENT

If you are still scarring then you are right.. I wouldn't put anything on your face that can burn.. you should wait on that. I was under the assumption that it had calmed down.. I would stick with supplements and eating healthy,... READ COMMENT

Yes it will get firmer but you have to do the facial exercises. I am using the tua viso handheld gadget now, it does it for you. The other thing I have been experimenting with is the baby quasar. It is LED light - NOT HEAT. I have been... READ COMMENT