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49 y.o. MO of 4 Grown Kids, Finally Ready for TT! Frisco, TX

Had consultation and dr. says I am a perfect candidate (i.e. loose skin below BB, minimal muscle separation, some fat to be removed by lipo prior to removing skin).Has anybody had a lipoabdominoplasty? Before/after photos are impressive but wondering about recovery times compared to standard TT. I am 5'9, 155 lbs. with a "flap" in lower abdomen that gets worse with age- has morphed into a... READ MORE

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Since you never had children, this may not make a lot of sense to you, but I think of all the things people have said about my children over the years- some clearly complimentary (she is so cute/smart/etc., others sounding like insults... READ COMMENT

So I just re-read and it says remove the scar- can't he do that with laser? Lighten it, that is, removing it would have to remove more skin and thus make it larger. I'd vote no to that idea. READ COMMENT

Hey Sexy! I can see why you would be upset- you paid top dollar and now he wants to charge you more????? And not doing anything under local? That's absurd. As for his suggestions- I'd have serious reservations about touching the BB-... READ COMMENT

You are about a week ahead of me. What, if any, scar treatments are you using? I've been using Mederma in the morning and Mederma PM at night. Scar is, has been, flat but still very discolored- maybe light purplish brown (not a pretty... READ COMMENT

Can't remember if it was you I sent this to before- my CG from Wal-Mart was just $11 and is very tight. It does not show under clothes at all- can wear under fitted Ts, with jeans, etc. Started wearing it at 2 weeks post. It's the Cupid... READ COMMENT