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Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Hamilton - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Hamilton performed my surgery on 6/28/16 and thus far I am happy with the results. I had a pinched tip after a bad rhinoplasty and too much had been removed. Dr. hamilton gave me a more natural looking nose and it fits my face so much better. Its not perfect but I wasnt seeking perfection. I wanted an improvement and thats what I got. I did alot of research to find the right doctor and... READ MORE

Consultation review - Consultation. Miramar Beach, FL

I had a consultation with Dr Davis a week ago because I was considering a revision. He spent over an hour explaining the risks and showing me images. He said alot of my nose had been resected and although a year had passed since surgery he advised me to wait at least 6 months before doing anything. He said he would love to give me the nose I desire and as confident as he was that he could fix... READ MORE

Large Nostrils After Rhino/septoplasty - Lima,Peru

I had a deviated septum and a small bump on the side of my nose that I wanted to get rid of. It was as if the cartilage was somewhat detached and I had more of a round nose at the tip but it was very long and pointy. I told the surgeon that I wanted to simply fix the deviated septum and then maybe fix the hump but he later explained what he had done and said the tip would be more pointy and... READ MORE

Questions from Rhino_patient

How risky is a revision rhinoplasty and can I recover characteristics of my pre-surgical nose?

Had a rhinoplasty done in May to get rid of a bump on the lateral side of my nose. The surgeon took too much cartilage from the right side and it is not symmetrical to the left... READ MORE

Is it possible to lengthen and make the tip bulbulous?

The surgeon I went to was supposed to just remove a bump I had on the right side of my nose but he shortened my nose and made the pointy, which I dont like. Is it possible to... READ MORE

What should I do to get my nose to look similar to what it did prior to surgery?

I had a septo/rhinoplasty to fix my deviated septum and remove a bump, the surgeon however made changes to the tip without my consent. I went to Lima, Peru for the surgery and... READ MORE

Can a double break and supratip be achieved surgically simultaneously?

My nose was altered pretty drastically and I lost many characteristics that I liked and would like to recover. My nose tip was narrowed and shortened significantly. I had both... READ MORE

Is it possible to project (increase distance from the face) but legthen nose tip simultaneously?

My tip has been shortened and deprojected. The tip is also a little droopy. I would like to increase the tip length but I would also like to increase the projection. From what... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty to lift lateral cartilages to change a narrow nose to a rounder and sloped nose?

I had a rhinoplasty 8 months ago to correct a deviated septum and remove a bump on the right side of the nose, however the surgeon changed the round tip of my nose and created... READ MORE

Is a supratip break point difficult to achieve in a revision rhinoplasty? How is it achieved?

I have gone through multiple galleries of revisions and it seems like most women have a straight profile. I personally think that women just generally look better with a slight... READ MORE

Would it be easier or less risky to reduce nostril width or work with the tip of the nose and lower lateral cartilages?

My nose length was reduced and tip was changed from bulbous to pinched. My nose tip is now disproportionate to the nostrils and seem wider than before. The columella has also... READ MORE

Can fillers give a pinched nose a rounder appearance and more of break at the tip rather than a straight profile?

I like my profile however I prefer a slight break at the tip of my nose and a slight break to give it a more feminine look. Also the sides of the tip are too narrow and tip is... READ MORE

Changing a pinched nose tip and creating a straight profile to a wider tip with a break at the tip?

My nose is very pinched at the tip and when I smile it also looks crooked. Its not harmonious with my nostrils. It protrudes to far from face and has no break at the tip. i... READ MORE

Recent comments from Rhino_patient

Thank you so much! He really did do a fantastic job. He exceed my expectations and I'm certain the same will happen for you! :) good luck!!! READ COMMENT

No problem! I'm glad to help :) You are in good hands READ COMMENT

Thanks so much beautiful READ COMMENT