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Did you find recovery home im in south broward and can acommidate I had it done and I know all about It I also have a massage therapist that comes to the house very experienced in pastic serugery massage tel 786-366-9152 READ COMMENT

I think you did a great job explaining bbl cause I am on my 15 that I had procedure done and my worry is the fat disappearing cause I had to eat to gain wait so he can have fat to transfer ,I hope after all of this my butt goes back... READ COMMENT

Your butt looks great I was going to do in the past summer got scared because heard lots of people talking about infections and rupture so jan 25 I went and got bbl , fat transfer but I had to eat like for a week everything in sight so... READ COMMENT

Wow cindy they look bigger in pics or are they as big as they look cause i know 300 cc is not much unless u had a boody from the start so happy your doing great READ COMMENT

Cindy your looking so good that your hubby better watch out , hope hes not jelouse cause all eyes are going to be on u,lol READ COMMENT