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I feel for you ! I read you had 1 and half litres and in so much pain, I had 7 litres and day 3 was the worst for me I rang my doctor and she re assured me I will be ok and if im too uncomfortable to take the padded board off, to which... READ COMMENT

I also looked into getting an ultrasound handheld machine to help at home too, but they are not as strong as the proper ones so I opt'd for a massage chair OMG.. it has helped so much that I don't feel like Im going to rip apart from... READ COMMENT

Good luck with your journey. I had vaser on my ankles, calves, knees, thighs and inner thigh 12 months ago. amazing results.. I have just had vaser on my upper torso from under the bust line all the way to top of thigh bone, my surgeon... READ COMMENT