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Time to Take Care of Myself - New Jersey

Hello my RS ladies!! I am so late writing my review as I stumbled on this site 3 months post-op after my extended tummy tuck with muscle repair, no lipo. Just turned 5 months post-op on Sept. 11 2014. Im getting a breast reduction next year, my boobs are too big too!!You ladies are such an... READ MORE

Questions from Kh216

Can applying ice packs to your abdomen 3 months after a tummy tuck help reduce the swelling?

I still have swelling 3 months after a full tummy tuck. Some swelling has gone away but I still have some. Also my abdomen fills hard. Is that swelling or fat? READ MORE

How long does redness in the tummy tuck incision last?

Thank you to the doctors who answered my last question all your advice was helpful. I took the advice of Dr. Ernest Layton M.D. on my last question and it did help my swelling... READ MORE

Will doing sit-ups and crunches loosen the surgery that sutured the muscle in my upper abdomen?

I am 3 months post op from a full extended tummy tuck and am exercising on a regular basis.I forgot what that muscle is called in my upper abdomen. I am not experiencing any... READ MORE

Does exercising help swelling go down in the abdomen?

At 3 months post op full tummy tuck, is exercising beneficial to help the remaining swelling go down or does no matter how much exercising you do swelling occurs when your body... READ MORE

Will transfer fat to the buttocks for a Brazilian butt lift droop after a period of time? (photos)

I am a 55 year old healthy woman who is a non-smoker,does not drink alcohol and not on any medication. I am thinking about getting a Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer . On... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer and a breast reduction at the same time? Is it safe?

I am a healthy 55 non-smoker and am not on any medication. I am getting a breast reduction next year and was wondering if the fat from my breasts or any other part of my body... READ MORE

In performing a BBL with fat transfer and breast reduction together, which is done first?

I want to get a BBL with fat transfer and breast reduction at the same time. I was wondering which is done first as one is on top and the other on the bottom. Thank you for... READ MORE

I feel a hard line running from a little under my breasts to my navel, is that my muscle repair? Is that normal?

My PS is not available now to answer my question. I am 7 months post-op from an extended tummy tuck with MR and had no complications. I am not in any pain but I feel a hard... READ MORE

I believe in Florida, a plastic surgeon can only take 4000 liters of fat from the body for a BBL. What does that mean?

When harvesting fat from the body, does the 4000 liters count start after the fat goes through the centrifuge and sanitizing process and then injected or does the liter count... READ MORE

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Hi Yam305, You look great! You already have a nice shape, your BBL will definitely top it off. I too am having a BBL from Dr. Pazmino scheduled on April 14,2016. I researched him for a year, he is excellent, not a cookie cutter/ one... READ COMMENT

Hey Sexy4Life!!! Great hearing from you.... We all missed you :) But most of all thanks for keeping it REAL !!! How we feel about our bodies is an inside job because plastic surgery can become addicting especially if one compares their... READ COMMENT

Wow Stevie1 girl, you look awesome!! What an improvement, your PS did a great job. Your old tummy is gone and your waist has curves. I'm glad you like your results. :) READ COMMENT

Pureheart...... So happy for you.... Trust me you will be motivated, the money you are spending will motivate you!! Look how you quit smoking for your TT. If you can quit smoking, you can lose weight. There's a free app called... READ COMMENT

Tiffany, okay great. This sounds strange but I liked wearing mine. I had 4 compression garments. I would wash them (don't put in dryer) and wear them faithfully. They made me feel snug and put together. I was also very protective of my... READ COMMENT