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So Far, Not Worth It in Many Ways: Surgery and Revision for Birth Deformity Type Nose

I had a rhinoplasty at 17 to correct a birth deformity type nose which left me with very, very flared nostrils, a low bridge, and a super wide tip. I'm a white male, and this nose was not natural for my face, and since the strong profiles are whats attractive, I wanted my nose to look stronger and more shaped up, although I was realistic about what changes could be made for such a rarer nose.I... READ MORE

Questions from CSmitty

Why Are Some Surgeons Adamant That 'No One Cares How You Look?'

I've had people tell me in my life that they find me unattractive, wouldn't date me, that my face looks 'dorky', and in general, I've been made fun of very... READ MORE

Third Rhinoplasty Revision After Botched Surgeries?

To make long story short, I need a third revision rhinoplasty, and despite all the constant homework I put into both of my previous surgeries, my primary and revision were... READ MORE

What is an Open Roof Deformity?

Hello all, what is a roof deformity? I think I may have this problem pretty severely. I've read that seemingly quite a few problems can cause this, such as improper bone... READ MORE

What's Most Attractive in a Male Nose?

With female rhinoplasty, it seems that a lot of looks can be attractive. I've seen girls considered attractive who either have rounded noses, sharp noses, or generally... READ MORE

What's the Ideal Masculine Nose Shape?

I've been through two nasal-surgeries which turned out very unnatural. One thing that's bothering me, I've noticed that almost all attractive male noses, in my opinion, have a... READ MORE

Forehead Reduction with Revision Rhinoplasty?

I have a odd problem with my face. My whole upper 3rd (nose + forehead) has been quite deformed looking since birth, the problems being I was born with a very wide and flattish... READ MORE

Is Forehead Reduction Possible for Extreme Brow Bone Protrusion?

I posted a question concerning a forehead reduction, and it seems my problem wasn't clear. My area of concern is my brow bone. Especially the area above my nose, which sticks... READ MORE

Second Revision Rhinoplasty After Removing Grafts?

I'm done with my healing year, and my Revision Rhinoplasty turned out extremely bad. Main problem is the grafting my nose is very, very extreme, and it is clearly a bad surgery... READ MORE

Getting Another Doctor to Supervise Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had a Revision Rhinoplasty where the major problems I paid $10,000 to fix, were not corrected at all (it's literally almost as if the doctor cut open my nose and closed it... READ MORE

Is Shiny Patch After Rhinoplasty Scar Tissue?

I have a asymmetrical line that goes straight down from my nasal bone to my tip on the front view. The line is semi-soft, but firm. Basically, this area makes my skin extremely... READ MORE

Realistic Example of Revision Rhinoplasty Goal?

Is it a option to use pictures of family members to show during consultation what I would like my nose to look like? After two rhinos that I consider fraudulent, my goal still... READ MORE

Steroid for Pollybeak?

Hello, I had a revision rhinoplasty about two years ago, and it was partially to fix a overbearing pollybeak. The surgeon did not perform this service during surgery, though,... READ MORE

Does This Morph Appear Realistic and More Harmonious?

I was wondering if my morph (right) looks more harmonious than my current nasal result (left). With the morph, I tried for conservative changes, including a slight extension of... READ MORE

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Oh P.S. you look amazing, just seen your pic lol! READ COMMENT

It's great that your nose is starting to look better, I bet it's going to look great in a few more months. I bet you'll definatly get to the point you'll say that it was worth every bit of your money, and I bet you'll start to get way... READ COMMENT

Hey, Steban, although I was younger at the time and didn't do proper research with my primary surgery (in the real world, very few people considering primary rhinoplasty look many things up online. I had no clue the true ratio of... READ COMMENT