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How Much Solution Should Be Added Per Botox Vial?

If there are 1000 units of Botox in a vial, how much solution should be added? READ MORE

Botox for Drooping Mouth Corners?

The corners of my mouth droop. People often ask me what's wrong. Can Botox be used to help this and where would they inject it? READ MORE

How to Determine the Number of Botox Units I'm Getting?

How do I know how many units of Botox I am actually getting? Is there something I can look at, like maybe the syringe? READ MORE

Botox Units for DAO Muscle to Correct Droopy Mouth Corners?

How many Botox units would you suggest putting in the DAO muscle to corrct droopy mouth corners? Will it affect my smile or speech? READ MORE

Facial Implants to Restore Lost Volume After Removing Fat Pads?

Nearly 20 years, ago I complained about my puffy cheeks, and my plastic surgeon removed what he said were my fat pads. Now, at age 54, I look hollow beneath my cheek bones.... READ MORE

Bad breast revision. What are my options?

I may not get an answer to this but i just had breast revision surgery. I was bottoming out. I have been mutilated by my surgeon. What rights do I have. What can I do. My heart... READ MORE

I had a bad Breast Implant Revision, now I have too much tissue on the bottom of my breasts. What are my options? (photos)

AS you can see I have to much tissue on bottom of breasts causing my nipples to show. I told my surgeon this and He was supposed to be the #1 breast surgeon advertising the... READ MORE

Unhappy with Breast Revision results. What else can I do? (photos)

I went to a highly reviewed surgeon with this problem. After the surgery I asked him what happened. Why he didnt fix my problem. All he did was give me bigger implants and more... READ MORE

Even out skin tone best solution? (Photo)

I'm nearly 60. No wrinkles. Oily skin with large pores age spots and uneven skin tone READ MORE