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Botox for Orbicularis Oris Muscle?

Can Botox be used for the orbicularis oris muscle? That particular muscle is too built up on my face and gives me a masculine appeal. I attached a photo of a woman who's muscle... READ MORE

Are Botox Results Permanent After Long-term Use?

I read somewhere that Botox results become semi-permanent after perhaps 8-12 treatments. Is this true? If so, would it only be true for certain areas or for any area treated... READ MORE

Botox for Bulky Unilateral Masseter Muscle?

My left masseter muscle is much larger than my right. Could Botox help? I'm just worried my left masseter will end up smaller than my right. READ MORE

How Much Does Corners of Mouth Lift Cost?

Although there is no absolute price to any procedure, what is the average cost of lifting the corners of the mouth? READ MORE

Botox for Droopy Mouth?

The reason my mouth droops is because of a hyperactive DAO. Unlike most other people who have this problem, I'm very young (18) so while my mouth droops, I don't have a volume... READ MORE

What is Soft Tissue Resuspension?

I read on a cosmetic surgeon's blog that this could be used for lip incompetence(where the lower lip sags). I have a problem similar.The only difference being that my top &... READ MORE

Botox to Fix Pouty Mouth?

My bottom lip protrudes out too much to where it looks like I'm pouting. I believe my mentalis muscle must have to do with this. Is there any other muscle that would contribute... READ MORE