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Cankle Liposulpture Mother of 2 Hairstylist - Palm Clinic, Auckland, NZ

Hi there I'm 39 and 5'2" New Zealander and have suffered from having ankles that don't fit the rest of my petite frame all of life. I exercise regularly and ran 2 half marathons last year and still had chunky ankles. I have dreamed of being able to wear skirts and shorts and not feel super uncomfortable and discovered last year that Lipo was my solution. I'm a hairstylist and mother of 2 so... READ MORE

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That's awesome I decided to do the blog thing to hopefully helps others who were thinking about going through the procedure. The pain will definitely reduce each week. One a day to day bases my legs don't hurt but if I run one of my... READ COMMENT

Hi there wow early days if you saw a big difference post op then you'll get a great result once the swelling goes down. I need to post a new photo so you have prompted me to do so! Please keep in touch I love hearing from others who... READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for your lovely compliment. I'm going back to see my Dr on Friday next week so I waiting till then to post my update. I'll add a few photos too but they really haven't changed much recently. READ COMMENT

Hi Rockaboo I found this site so helpful too! I'm not sure what the difference is between tumescent and smart lipo but the 2 surgeons I saw both recommended tumescent lipo . Do your legs look like mine beforehand? Mine still swell at... READ COMMENT

Pretty good thanks my ankles still swell a bit by the evening and sometimes get a bit sore but I've been for my first run last wkend and they were fine. I'm wk 8 today so I'm on track. I can't wait till summer so I can get some sun on... READ COMMENT