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I saw the necrotic lesions & open sores, and I figured your physician used ONLY Deoxycholate. That stuff eats away at fat and everything else if used in high doses. It is great for dissolving lipomas (hard fatty tumor with a collagen... READ COMMENT

I personally would have went for cosmetic dentistry FIRST. Then worry about a lip lift. READ COMMENT

You had zero top lip before the surgery, a lip lift wasn't the proper procedure. now your mouth look VERY weird. Should have just gotten fat transfer or restylane injections READ COMMENT

Was your scalp really loose before the surgery? Mine is tight as hell lol I heard of some exercises to loosen the scalp. Still I wanna know if I can get as much as 2.7 like you with a tight scalp. READ COMMENT

Have you had any hairloss/shedding on the top of your head? This is the only thing I'm worried about, hairloss due to shock. It's been 8 months for you, so if you haven't had any hairloss, then you won't. I'm also getting the FUE to... READ COMMENT