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Explant and Lift. Newport Beach, CA

I had silicone implants done in 2006, I had no problems with them until 2010, after a car accident that jarred my back and shoulders. I have had ankle, knee and left shoulder surgery because of the accident. I still have back and shoulder issues and have been contemplating this surgery since 2013. I have reviewed many of the explants and lifts and have decided to do it! I'm excited and... READ MORE

46 and Prepping for my Wedding - Newport Beach, CA

I have been thinking about this for 3 years, Impending wedding photos made my decision. Dr. Elam scheduled me quickly since my wedding was in 8 weeks. I could not be happier with results and my recovery was very quick. Even Dr. Elam was amazed at my quick recovery. I recommend him and his staff!!! some have asked about scarring, the scar is approx. 1 inch long and about 1/2 an inch behind... READ MORE

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I hate auto correct, breast not beat. READ COMMENT

It was about 3 1/2 hours, 2 for lypo and spinning out the good fat and 1 1/2 for lift . I still have cleavage from what I can see, will post pics on Monday after all the wrapping is removed. READ COMMENT

Today is the day! Anxiety is kicking in, can't wait to get this done! Wish me luck. ...... READ COMMENT

I am so upset about Dakota1020's lack of compassion, I reported her to real self. Hopefully you will too, she should not be blogging here. Thanks for your response READ COMMENT

This Girl needs help and encouragement. Not sure like everyone else what her point is. She needs to learn reading comprehension, before responding to anyone else!!! Remley please if you read this, ignore it, the rest of us got your... READ COMMENT