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Can my labia majora be fixed if its saggy and ugly? (photos)

Hey, 'm a 24.5 year old women, nearly 25.I have a small vagina and saggy labia majora I have always been unsecured about my labia majora it's saggy and ugly. I don't... READ MORE

I'm Dominican but I want to look Asian/Black. Is it possible to have plastic surgery to look like my favorite pornstar?

Hi, I'm 24 have never felt pretty my whole life and is bc I'm not attractive. It kills me inside that I have to live this way. I'm Dominican but I want to look asian/black,... READ MORE

Can plastic surgery get me someone else's exact same face?

Hi, I never been happy with my looks because I'm not attractive but I dream if having the face of a person I admire. I want to get her exact same face. Is it this possible with... READ MORE

Does getting a Brazilian Butt Lift hurt? (photos)

I want to get a brazilian butt lift bc my butt is flat. Is the process painful? Bc I know doctors open your body Parts with knives and I get terrified just thinking about that.... READ MORE

I want to have a Brazilian Butt Lift and Labiaplasty. Which procedure would be best to have first?

I'm going to do these surgeries sometime this year and I want to know which can I do frist labiaplasty or brazilian butt lift? I'm new on surgery and I don't know which do u... READ MORE

What is a pubic lift?

I'm confused about what is a pubic lift, can u explain to me what it is? And can it be performed with vaginoplasty? Thanks READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for labia majora fat grafting and clitorial hood reduction? (Photo)

I never realized my vagina was so ugly until I was 23. I have a big clitoris and i don't like it. Also my labia majora is saggy when I sit down. My minora is also hidden when I... READ MORE

Can Botox change my round face to a long face?

I hate my face its has no definition it's a round shape. I dream of getting a long face can Botox and fillers give me a different shape? READ MORE

Can a Brazilian Butt Lift be done with liposuction of the stomach?

Hi I weight 225 pounds and plan on getting a bbl and a flat stomach. How many pounds do I need to lose for a bbl? And can the liposuction give me a flat tummy ? READ MORE

Can I get this type of butt form with a bbl? (photos)

I'm planning on doing a Brazilian butt lift. I have a photo of my butt and the butt u dream to have. Can I get this exact same butt with a bbl? READ MORE

Is it possible to get a butt like this if I go down to 170 pounds- 180 pounds? (photos)

Hi I weight 222. Is it possible I could get this butt if I go down to 170 or 180 pounds? READ MORE

Will Brazilian butt lift still be popular in 5 years?

I can't sleep thinking about this question. I'm scared the world will get old and brazilian butt lift wouldn't exist anymore. Will it still be popular in 5 years? READ MORE

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Hi. Did Agustina Hilario Duran did your surgery? Are u happy with your results?
Congrats....it looks like it's healing. I'm planning on doing mines at the end of this year.
Can a combination of botox and juvederm give me a diffrent face? For ex I have a round face and I have no cheek volume can these two fix it?