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I'm having my consultation with him this week so yes if I like him and he thinks what I want is achievable etc. All the doctors at HMG have had to a lot of procedures to work for them so I think you should be fine, it seems a reputable... READ COMMENT

Maybe it's because you are having closed rhinoplasty as I'm not sure whether dr sleiter does them or are you having open rhinoplasty? Just a guess tho. X READ COMMENT

Hey guys! Kax7 I hope the bruising has gone down lots for work tomorrow! How's everything looking? I'm seeing dr sleiter this week :-) x READ COMMENT

Yes I keep reading stuff on the internet too. Does he spend a lot of time going through everything with you and does he show you pics of his work? I think I would be like you worrying but I bet it will turn out great. It's a lot of... READ COMMENT

Aw that's really nice of him. Everyone says he is nice. There isn't much feedback about him on the internet tho but at least there is no bad stories. Well you have a few days before work so the bruising will hopefully be gone. It's a... READ COMMENT