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I too am currently suffering from laser hair removal burns on my arms that scabbed over brown / Maroon peeled away and are in process of healing and now left with white circle head marks from where the laser head had been !!! Incident... READ COMMENT

I too have the same on my arms and face on sides of cheeks and neck and alot more of them especially four on my arm which are now peeling and raw underneath and worried they are going to scar , mine was done 5 days ago and was just... READ COMMENT

Hello I have had laser hair removal and I too am left with some burn spots like your picture on my face and arms and top of right thigh :( It has been 5 days and i look horrendous i had to cancel time off work as even make up doesnt... READ COMMENT

I have similar ones after my treatment and it too had got worse a day or two after it was done , can you tell me if yours has dissappeared for piece of mind , mine is on my face and arm and even make up wont conceal it i had to take... READ COMMENT

I have exactly the same on my face and arm and right thigh(Top) of my leg can you tell me if these have faded since it has been a month since you had the procedure done mine has been 5 days since my treatment and have been giving wounds... READ COMMENT