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43yo MM - BA/TT/UH/DR/Lipo - 2014 Summer for CHANGE!! - Los Angeles, CA

School year is over, kids are in summer school, and I'm cleaning the house and prepping for a mm 8/4/14... send advice, tips, supply lists, expectations, b&a photos... Interviewed 3 doctors, friends with experience, and read a lot of online material. Feeling very anxious, excited, nervous, and... READ MORE

44yo First-time "Free" Botox - Pasadena, CA

I'm an RS vet migrating over from the MM site - no prep here other than reading some scary "not worth it" botox stories. Geez, talk about making a simple procedure into a nightmare-ish decision! I've briefly read about the headaches, paralysis, facial dents, ptosis, asymmetry, cruella brows,... READ MORE

Questions from chiklet3

How long do I have to wear "support garments" after a Mommy Makeover? (photo)

I had a mommy makeover 8/4/14 - BA, TT, MR, lipo of flanks/inner thighs and I've been wearing support bras, compression garments, spanx, binders, etc, almost 24/7... taking... READ MORE

What is the ideal belly button (BB) shape? (photo)

My PS gave me a marble at my 1mo appt because my BB looked like it was scabbing over (it's gone through many changes). How long do I have to "wear" it? Do I really want a round... READ MORE

What are these brown marks on my mid-section post TT and how can I get rid of them faster? (Photo)

I've had these brown marks on my mid-section post-TT (8/4/14). I'm thinking they were caused by the very tight constricting CG and the tubing from the OnQ pain pump catheters... READ MORE

What is this hyperpigmentation rash? (photos)

I had a BA/TT on 8/4/14 but developed hyperpigmented marks around the tummy tuck area. For the past month I've been using 7% hydroquinone lotion for the brown marks and the... READ MORE

Discussions started by chiklet3

Anyone post-op who's been working out to maintain BEST results - and achieved it??

I hate working out.  In fact, I think I'm allergic.  I don't like gyms, I don't like running, I don't even like sweating... Not complaining or whining - it's just not... READ MORE

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Oh my... CUUUUTE swimsuit! Enjoy the girls. You look great for 8mos!! :D READ COMMENT

You're looking GREAT kristie! Doesn't it feel good to be FLAT?!!! I love it too... Still working on getting off my lazy butt during the day and all the snack-attacks, but the quality of life is definitely much MUCH better these days!! :D READ COMMENT

Good luck sansou! You will definitely not miss your breast friends! haha. I think you have prepped enough and worried too much. You'll be JUST FINE!! Take each day as it comes, get lots of rest, and don't nit-pick every little... READ COMMENT

Just a word on the "tear drop" shape... At your age (and mine too - I'm going on 45!), be wary of going to "natural" looking because everything from here on heads south. I am also Asian and had a lot of flat terrain above! haha. I... READ COMMENT